Health Records Information for Prospective Physical Therapist Assistant Students to Consider:

In order to successfully complete the PTA Program, all students must participate in and earn passing grades for three clinical education courses throughout the curriculum.

              Fall:            PTA 224, 4 week clinical education course

              Spring:        PTA 235, 5 week clinical education course

              Summer:      PTA 240, 6 week clinical education course

A clinical education course consists of each student being assigned to a facility that provides physical therapy services.  The students work with real patients under the supervision and guidance of a practicing physical therapist or physical therapist assistant.


Eligibility to participate in the three clinical education courses throughout the curriculum is dependent on the student fulfilling all of the eligibility requirements as outlined in the Clinical Education Handbook.  One of those requirements is the submission of health records.  Students are required to submit hard copies of all health records requirements directly to the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE) as requested, by the first day of the fall semester, to ensure that all clinical sites receive their required confirmations of compliance.  


Health records requirements include:

  • proof of medical insurance coverage
  • CPR certification for the healthcare provider (must include AED)*
  • First Aid certification*
  • a physical examination form completed and signed by a doctor^
    • If you are non-immune to Rubella & Rubeola, then you must provide proof that you received an MMR vaccination. 
    • Mantoux Requirements, one of the following items must be provided:
      • Lab results showing a negative IGRA blood test (such as QuantiFERON-TB®)
      • A negative chest X-ray (required if you have received a BCG in another country)
      • a negative 2-step PPD
  • lab results
  • declination of Hepatitis B if applicable^
  • medical malpractice insurance*
  • criminal background check application and proof of payment)^
  • submit hard copies of any additional facility-specific requirements to both the facility and the ACCE prior to the first day of the clinical course (e.g. drug test, flu shot, extra criminal background check, etc.)

Exemption from any of these requirements (including vaccinations) is NOT permitted.

* Please note that these health records must be current for all three clinical courses.  They must not expire prior to August of the student’s graduation year.
^ Please note that these forms will be provided during the mandatory Orientation to the Professional Phase of the PTA Program meeting in May.  These forms must be completed between July 15th and August 15th of the student’s acceptance year to ensure that they do not expire prior to the last day of the third and final summer clinical education course. 


Additional detailed information regarding the health records requirements will be provided during the mandatory Orientation to the Professional Phase of the PTA Program meeting in May.  Other than the medical insurance coverage, students are strongly advised to wait until after that May Orientation meeting to begin fulfilling these health records requirements.


Deadlines are in place to ensure that clinical sites receive the confirmation documents in time to secure clinical education placements for each student.  Documentation for all health records requirements must be submitted to the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE) for the PTA program on the first day of the Professional Phase of the fall semester to guarantee a clinical education placement. 


Any students who have not provided all health records requirements by the Monday following Labor Day will not be able to participate in the clinical education portion of the PTA program.


Any student who is unable to participate in the clinical education portion of the PTA program must then:

  • Decelerate his or her progression within the PTA program by following the steps outlined in the PTA Program Student/Learner Handbook.
    • Deceleration means that:
      • The student will need to withdraw from all PTA program courses and re-petition for an open seat during the next cycle when petitions are being accepted into the Professional Phase of the PTA program.
        • Acceptance is not guaranteed for any individual
        • All academic and college timelines for course expiration dates are active and should be considered by the student as they may adversely affect the re-petitioning process
        • All costs involved in re-petitioning are at the expense of the student
        • Dependent on the point in the program in which a student/learner decelerates, a Re-Entry Practical Exam may be required for re-entry. 
      • Graduation from the PTA program will be delayed until all of the required documents have been provided and all of the coursework has been completed
  • Meet with the ACCE to discuss exactly what steps must be taken to ensure that the proper paperwork is completed.
  • Meet with the PTA program coordinator to discuss the implications of deceleration from the Professional Phase of the PTA program


PTAP 10/2016