Clinical Education III (PTA 240)


Course Number:
                            PTA 240
Course Title:
                   Clinical Education III
Contact Hours 5
Clinical Contact Hours 240
Number of Weeks 6
Number of Clinical Weeks 6
Pre-requisite Courses

PTA 230 Clinical Education II

Co-requisite Courses PTA 241 Clinical Seminar III

Course Description:


Supervised full-time clinical experience allows students to practice all of the techniques and procedures taught in the program, performing all that is normally expected of a physical therapist assistant.  Students are expected to conduct an "in-service" presentation to colleagues at the clinical site.



Forms for Students:

     * Attendance Sheet

     * Weekly Summary Form

     * Clinical Experience & Instruction Evaluation

     * Contact Summary

     * Learner Profile

Forms for Clinical Instructors:

     * Weekly Summary Form

     * Clinical Instructor Survey