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Testimonials and Reflections

"Upward Bound greatly influenced my life. It challenged me and helped me set realistic goals and taught me responsibility."
Stacy Russell-Denton
Class of 1996

"Upward Bound is like a good study guide. Every step of the way the staff of upward bound has been there for me, molding me into the woman I am today."
Yasmin Robinson
Class of 2005

"Upward Bound introduced me to college life. I went on several college tours that help me choose my alma mater DSU.
Sheena Rush
Class of 2001

"Upward Bound was a program that complemented my personal academic aggressiveness. Most of all Upward bound was an extended family composed of teachers, staff and the lifelong friendship that I've developed with my peers and because of this influence I credit Upward bound for taking part in molding me into the adult that I am continuously growing into today."
Radhiya Abdul-Raheem
Class of 2007

"Upward Bound is a great program that meant hope for me, and I thank God for being apart of this program/family. I love the program so much that after my first year in college I went back and became a mentor/tutor. That summer was one of the best; there is no better feeling than giving back to those who have helped you along the way."
Elia Perez
Class of 2005

"I enjoyed my time in the Upward Bound Program from beginning to end. Thanks to all the teachers and
volunteers that helped me."
Tyrone Robinson
Class of 1994