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Professional Development Collection

* Indicates a newly acquired title

Call Number
AZ 183 .U5 A45 2000   Alive at the core: Exemplary approaches to general education in the humanities
D 16.2 .K59 2000   Knowing teaching & learning history: National and international perspectives
H 61.28 .E36 1999 Edmunds, Holly The focus group research handbook
HV 11 .S36 2001 (WW&JKC) Schalock, Robert L Outcome-based evaluation
HV 1731 .L45 1999 Leibs, Andrew A field guide for the sight-impaired reader: A comprehensive resource for students, teachers and librarians
*HV 45 .D64 1999 Doel, Mark The essential groupworker: Teaching and learning creative groupwork
KF 2994 .T36 1999 Talab, R.S. Commonsense copyright: A guide for educators and librarians
*LB 1025.3 .A76 2000 Armstrong, Thomas Multiple intelligences in the classroom
LB 1025.3 .I57 1997   Inspiring teaching
LB 1027.42 .P69 2001   The power of problem-based learning
LB 1027.42 .P69 2001   The power of problem-based learning: A practical ďhow toĒ for teaching undergraduate courses in any discipline
LB 1028.43 .B89 2001 Burniske, R.W. Breaking down the digital walls: Learning to teach in a post-modem world
LB 1029 .P67 E45 2001   Electronic portfolios: Emerging practices in student, faculty, and institutional learning
LB 1032 .F42 2000 Stein, Ruth Federman Using student terms in the classroom: A faculty guide
LB 1044.87 .H68 2000 Horton, Sarah Web teaching guide: A practical approach to creating course web sites
LB 1044.87 .L43 2001   Learning and teaching on the world wide web
LB 1044.87 .P34 2001 (WW&JKC) Palloff, Rena M Lessons from the cyberspace classroom: The realities of online teaching
LB 1044.87 .T43 2001   Teaching and learning online: Pedagogies for new technologies
LB 1044.875 .F33 2000   Facilitating online learning: Effective strategies for moderators
LB 1060 .S27 1999 (WW&JKC) Sarasin, Lynne C Learning style perspectives: Impact in the classroom
LB 1731.4 .Z23 2000 Zachary, Lois J The mentorís guide: Facilitating effective learning relationships
LB 1778 .G63 2001 Goldsmith, John A The Chicago guide to your academic career
LB 1779 .C37 2000 Carr, David Professionalism and ethics in teaching
LB 1828.43 .B89 2001 Burnise, R.W. Breaking down the digital walls: Learning to teach in a post-modem world
LB 2328 .F54 1999 (WW&JKC)   Fifty state systems of community colleges: Mission, governance, funding and accountability
LB 2331 .B48 2000 Bess, James L Teaching alone, teaching together: Transforming the structure of teams for teaching
LB 2331 .B563 1996 Boice, Robert First-order principles for college teachers
LB 2331 .B59 1998 Blythe, Hal It works for me: Shared tips for teaching
LB 2331 .F635 2001 Fox, Helen When race breaks out: Conversations about race and racism in college classrooms
LB 2331 .H3145 1999   A handbook for teaching & learning in higher education: Enhancing
LB 2331 .M345 1990   147 Practical tips for teaching professors
LB 2331 .N55 1998 Nilson, Lida B Teaching at its best
LB 2331 .P768 2001 Provitera-McGlynn, Angela Successful beginnings for college teaching: Engaging your students from the first day
LB 2332.72 .P47 1996 Perlman, Baron Recruiting good college faculty
LB 2335.4 .C87 2000 Curzan, Anne First day to final grade: A graduate studentís guide to teaching
LB 2335.8 .Z34 1994 Zahorski, Kenneth Sabbatical mentor: A practical guide to successful sabbatical
LB 2361 .G78 1997 Grunert, Judith The course syllabus: A learning-centered approach
*LB 2361.5 .D5 1998 Diamond, Robert M Designing and assessing course and curricula: A practical guide
LB 2361.5 .R437 2001   Reinventing ourselves: Interdisciplinary education, collaborative learning and experimentation in higher education
LB 2366 .B85 2002   Building a scholarship of assessment
*LB 2366.2 .A88 1996   Assessment in practice: Putting principles to work on college campuses
LB 2366.2 .P35 1999 Palombo, Catherine A Assessment essentials: Planning implementing, and improving assessments
LB 2395.7 .H25 2000 Hanna, Donald E Higher education in an era of digital competition: Choices and challenges
LB 2822.75 .A54 1993 Angelo, Thomas A Classroom assessment techniques: A handbook for college teachers
LB 2838 .C49 1999 Chism, Nancy Van Note Peer review of teaching: A sourcebook
LB 2839 .D53 2002 Diamond, Robert M Serving on promotion, tenure and faculty review committees
LB 3609 .L28 2000 (JKC) Lathrop, Ann Student cheating and plagiarism in the Internet Era: A wake-up call
LC 197 .F58 2001 Fisher, Bernice Malka No angel in the classroom: Teaching through feminist discourse
LC 220.5 .S83 1998   Successful service-learning program
LC 311 .J27 2001 Jacobs, Donald Trent Teaching virtues: Building character across the curriculum
LC 3727 .A34 2001   Achieving against the odds: How academics become teachers of diverse students
LC 3727 .A34 2001 (JKC)   Achieving against the odds: How academics become teachers of diverse students
LC 5800 .M67 1999 Morgan, Chris Assessing open and distance learners
LD 2160 .L54 Light, Richard J Making the most of college: Students speak their minds
LD 6501 .C642 R68 2001 Roueche, John E In pursuit of excellence: The community college of Denver
P 51 .P37 2001   Pedagogy of language learning in higher education: an introduction
PE 1404 .L435 2000 Lee, Amy Composing critical pedagogies: Teaching writing as revision
PE 1404 .P34 2001 Paley, Karen Surman I-Writing: The politics and practice of teaching first person
PE 66 .L45 2000   Lesbian and gay studies and the teaching of English
Q 181.3 .P73 2001   Practicing science: The investigative approach in college science teaching
Q 183.3 .A1 C633 2001   College pathways to the science education standards
QA 12 .C66 2001   Cooperative learning in undergraduate mathematics: Issues that matter
RF 290 .M35 2000 Maltby, Maryanne Tate Audiology: An introduction for teachers and other professionals
TK 5105.875 .I57 B46 2001 Benson, Allen C Neal-Schuman complete internet companion for libraries
Z 669.8 .H33 1998 Hafner, Arthur W Descriptive statistical techniques for libraries
Z 674.75 .W67 N67 2002 Norlin, Elaina Usability testing for library web sites: A hands-on guide
Z 675 .B6 M38 2000 Mates, Barbara T Adaptive technology for the internet: Making electronic resources accessible to all
Z 675 .U5 C6417 2000   The collaborative imperative: Librarians and faculty working together
Z 675 .U5 G58 2001 Goodson, Carol Providing library services for distance education students: A how-to-do-manual
Z 675 .U5 H54 2002 Hernon, Peter An action plan for outcomes assessment in your library
Z 675 .U5 M326 2002   Making the grade: Academic libraries and student success
Z 675 .U5 O45 2000   Ninth off-campus library services conference proceedings
Z 678.93 .P83 B37 2000 Barclay, Donald A Managing public-access computers: A how-to-do-it manual for librarians
Z 679.2 .U54 B39 2001 Bazillion, Richard J Academic libraries high tech gateways: A guide to design and space decisions
Z 679.2 .U54 C44 1997   Checklist of library building design considerations
Z 679.2 .U54 W66 2000 Woodward, Jeannette A Countdown to a new library: Managing the building project
Z 679.5 .B76 2002 Brown, Carol R Interior design for libraries: Drawing on functional and appeal
Z 679.55 .B85 2001   Building blocks for planning functional library space
Z 687.15 .C74 2000   Creating new strategies for cooperative collection development
Z 687.2 .U6 A48 1996 American Library Association Guide for training collection development librarians
Z 688 .P36 W33 2002 Wherry, Timothy Lee The librarians guide to intellectual property in the digital age
Z 692 .R47 M36   Managing electronic reserves
Z 711 .H45 1998 Hernon, Peter Assessing service quality: Satisfying the expectations of library customers
Z 711 .T489 1999 Thomsen, Elizabeth Rethinking reference: The reference librarianís practical guide for surviving constant change
Z 711 .W275 1994 Walters, Suzanne Customer service: A how-to-do-it manual for librarians
Z 711.2 .M47 2002   Assessment in college library institution programs
Z 711.45 .C37 1999 Cassell, Kay Ann Developing reference collections and services in an electronic age
Z 711.45 .D54 2000   Digital reference service in the new millennium: Planning, management and evaluation
Z 711.92 .H3 D44 1995 Deines-Jones, Courtney Preparing staff to serve patrons with disabilities
Z 715 .J86 2001 Junion-Metz, Gail Instant web forms and surveys for academic libraries
ZA 4201 .G64 2001 Gordon, Rachel Singer Teaching the internet in libraries
*ZA4201 .W43 2002   Web of deception: Misinformation on the internet
ZA 4450 .S54 2001 Price, Gary The invisible web: Uncovering information sources search engines canít see

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