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Library Resources Guide - EDUCATION

compiled by Frank Butorac, October 2008
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Reference Books

  • LB 17.E53 -- The Encyclopedia of Education
  • LB 15.I57 -- The International Encyclopedia of Higher Education
  • LA 2311.B54 -- Biographical Dictionary of American Educators
  • L 901.P3 -- Patterson's American Education
  • LB 1051.H2354 -- Handbook of Educational Psychology
  • L 901.H46 2001 2001 -- Higher Education Directory
  • LB 2846.E38 2000 -- Education Statistics of the United States
  • L 901 .P4 2001 -- Peterson's Guide to Four-year Colleges
  • Z 695.1.E3E34 -- Thesaurus of Eric Descriptors

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Selected Sets

  • LB 2361.5.L43 -- New Directions for Teaching and Learning
  • LB 2326.A1N4 -- New Directions for Institutional Research
  • LB 232.A1N4 -- New Directions for Community Colleges
  • LB 2341.A1N4 -- New Directions for Higher Education
  • LB 23.42.9.A1N4 -- New Directions for Student Services
  • LB 5.N24 -- Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education
  • LB 5.N25 98th pt.01 -- Example of a specific yearbook: The Education of Teachers

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Periodical Indexes

  • Z 5813.C8 -- Current Index to Journals in Education (over 1020 educational journals)
  • Z 5813 .E23 -- Education Index(over 420 educational journals)

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ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)

  • Z5811.C16 Resources in Education (abstracts to documents - 1966 to present
  • Full text of all documents on microfiche - l984 to present

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Educational Journals

The following journals are in the library but many others are full text online.

  • Change
  • Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Community College Journal
  • Community College Journal of Research & Practice
  • Community College Review
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Education
  • Education Digest
  • Educational Technology
  • Harvard Educational Review
  • Journal of Educational Psychology
  • Journal of Higher Education
  • Journal of Negro Education
  • Journal of Nursing Education
  • Phi Delta Kappan
  • Reading Teacher
  • Teaching Professor
  • Tech Trends

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Online Searching

    • Index to general periodicals including education
  • ERIC
    • Can obtain full text of most ERIC documents
    • Can obtain over 1100 unique lesson plans
    • Can use Question Archive to obtain answers on file
    • Can use Question & Answer Service to obtain answers to your questions by email within 2 business days
  • VALE
    • Periodical Indexes - journals and popular magazines
    • Periodical index - journals, magazines and newsletters.
    • Newspapers full text over 300 newspapers worldwide
    • Today's News - news articles updated throughout the day
    • Wire service reports
    • Transcripts of television & radio news broadcasts
    • Over 16,000 college catalogs full text

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