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Library Resources Guide - CRIMINAL JUSTICE

compiled by Frank Butorac, October 2008
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Books can be located by Author, Title or Subject in the library's on-line catalog. The Call Number shown for each item serves to locate the books on the shelves. Examples of Subject Headings for books related to criminal justice include:

  • Crime and Criminals
  • Correctional Law
  • Probation
  • Crime and the Press
  • Corrections
  • Police
  • Crime Prevention
  • Juvenile Courts
  • Parole
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Rehabilitation of Criminals
  • Criminal Justice
  • Law Enforcement
  • Imprisonment

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Reference Books

Reference books are shelved in a special section marked with an "R" or a "Ref" above the call number on the spine of the book as well as on the catalog record. Selected reference books in this library are:

  • Ref HV6017 .E52 2002 -- Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice (4 vols.)
  • Ref HV6787 .A3 -- Crime in the United States: Uniform Crime Report (printed version)
  • Ref HV6787 .U49 -- Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
  • Ref HV7411 .R87 2003 -- Dictionary of Criminal Justice
  • Ref HV7419.5 .N46 1996 -- Anderson's Directory of Criminal Justice Education, Revised ed.
  • Ref HV7901 .E53 -- Encyclopedia of Police Science, 2nd ed.
  • Ref HV7921.E53 2005 -- Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement (3 vol.)
  • Ref HV8073 .B44 2004 -- Encyclopedia of Forensic Science
  • Ref HV8143 .B53 -- Careers in Criminal Justice
  • Ref HV9304 .W54 -- Dictionary of American Penology
  • Ref HV9475 .N5 U54 Crime in New Jersey: Uniform Crime Report (1998-2001)
  • Ref HV9950 .C74323 1999 -- Criminal Justice Student Writers Manual
  • Ref KF9218 .L38 -- Criminal Law
  • Ref KF9618 .M6 -- Modern Criminal Procedures
  • Ref KF9708 .F68 -- Modern Juvenile Justice
  • Ref KF9731 .K47 -- Legal Rights of the Convicted
  • Ref KFN1830 .A2 -- New Jersey Statutes Annotated (also available in the Lexis-Nexis:Legal database)
  • Ref KFN1835 .A22 -- New Jersey Administrative Code
  • Ref KFN2361.A3399 A196 -- New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice
  • Ref KFN5138 .F7 -- Cases on Personal Property

Exam study guide are on reserve and are available at the library's circulation desk.

  • Reserve HV8143.H324 2003 -- Norman Hall's Police Exam Preparation Book
  • Reserve HV8143.R34 2005 -- Master the Police Officer Exam

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Listed below are some of the periodicals in the MCCC library in this subject area. Complete holdings and available dates may be found on file at the front circulation desk.

  • Corrections Today
  • FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
  • Federal Probation
  • Law and Order
  • The Police Chief
  • Security Management
  • Women and Criminal Justice

The library also subscribes to Criminal Justice Abstracts which contains summaries of periodical articles in the criminal justice field. You can search for articles by both subject and author's name. Criminal Justice Abstracts is located with the printed indexes in the back (quiet study area) of the library.

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Searchable databases of periodical articles are available online from the MCCC library. A complete list and links to these databases can be found at the library's Online Resources page. Databases that include material in this subject area include:

NOTE: Depending on your specific research needs, other databases may have useful information as well.

Periodical indexes in your field include:

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The library has many videos available in the field of Criminal Justice. These videos may be checked out overnight or viewed in the library. Some of the videos in the library's collection include:

  • HV 5801 .D68 -- Drug Traffic
  • HV 5823.5 .U5 D7 -- Drug Testing
  • HV 9104 .F37 Families and Crime
  • HV 6001 .I5 A Film on Store Thefts
  • HV 9104 .J8 Juvenile Justice System
  • HV 6770 .A2 -- White Collar Crime
  • HV 6789 .C74 -- Insanity Defense
  • HV 8141 .D4 -- Deadly Force
  • HV 8706 .H9 -- House Arrest
  • HV 9304 .P73 Private Prisons
A number of the college's Distinguished Lecture Series speakers have been videotaped and are on reserve at the library's circulation desk. These tapes can be checked out for up to 2 nights. Some of the lectures available include:
  • Convicting the Innocent in America given by Mr. James McCloskey
  • Terrorism in the 21st Century given by Mr. Frederick Martens
  • Drug Policy Alliance given by Ms. Roseanne Scotti
  • The Role of Women in Law Enforcement given by LTC Lori Hennon-Bell
  • Inside Out: 50 Years Behind the Walls of the Trenton State Prison given by Mr. Harry Camisa
  • New Jersey Drug Courts given by Yvonne Smith Segars, Esq.
  • Domestic Violence given by Chief William Spain & Lt. James Brady
  • Victims and the Criminal Justice System given by Virginia Cavella

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Internet Resources

There are many resources in Criminal Justice that are now available on the Internet. Some examples are:

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