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  • Identify and enroll priority, low income students in grades 7-11 from target schools in Trenton.
  • Develop and maintain a personal educational plan (PEP) for each SMILE/GEAR UP student based upon his or her individual needs for academic support.
  • Provide all SMILE/GEAR UP students with academic and motivational support to ensure that they:

    1. Pass the New Jersey Ask 8 Assessment

    2. Pass the New Jersey High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA)

    3. Graduate from high school

    4. Enroll in a college or university within one year of high school graduation.

  • Provide SMILE/GEAR UP students with academic enrichment and support in the areas of mathematics, science, and technology.
  • Offer all SMILE/GEAR UP students access to personal counseling.
  • Provide all SMILE/GEAR UP students with academic and transition mentoring.
  • Involve parents and guardians in the educational experiences of their children by promoting activities and strategies that will assist them in preparing their children to attend college.
  • Provide SMILE/GEAR UP students and families, as well as all students and their families in the target schools, with information about and support in the college application process.
  • Provide all of the students in the target schools and their families, including SMILE/GEAR UP students and their families', opportunities for early awareness about financial aid for college.
  • Provide successful scholarship awards to successful SMILE/GEAR UP state project completers who choose to enroll at New Jersey colleges and universities.
  • Provide ongoing in-service training and professional development opportunities for teachers, counselors, mentors, and others involved in delivering services to SMILE/GEAR UP students.
  • Build strong partnerships with similar and related programs.