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English as a Second Language

(Special Program)

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program offers non-native speakers an opportunity to develop their English skills as part of their full-time college program. It is also available part-time for students preparing to enter a degree program and for those who wish to improve their skills for personal or employment reasons.

Students who wish to enroll in the program should complete an ESL placement test at the International Student Services office. International students who wish to enter a program of study must complete the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), administered worldwide by Educational Testing Service. The college's Enrollment Services office provides a packet detailing other current requirements for international students.

The ESL program consists of ten (10) sequenced credit courses that stress English speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading, writing and grammar. Students who complete the highest-level courses in writing (ESL 034), speaking (ESL 032), and reading / critical thinking (ESL 033) are ready to enter into a full-time college program. Students at lower levels of competence in English may enroll in a limited number of college courses according to their ability in specific disciplines.

Curriculum (suggested course sequence)
NOTE: Prior to registration, students are required to take the Accuplacer ESL assessment,
and will be assigned to the appropriate ESL program level based on test scores achieved.

Code Course Credits
ESL 090 Introduction to ESL Grammar, Reading, and Speech 4
High Beginner
ESL 011 ESL Speech Concepts I 4
ESL 013 ESL Reading and Critical Thinking I 4
ESL 014 ESL Writing Concepts I 4
ESL 021 ESL Speech Concepts II 4
ESL 022 ESL Reading and Critical Thinking II 4
ESL 023 ESL Writing Concepts II 4
ESL 032 ESL Speech Concepts III 4
ESL 033 ESL Reading and Critical Thinking III 4
ESL 034 ESL Writing Concepts III 4
--- --- Elective -- Select MAT (assigned by placement),
HPE, or other non-intensive language course.
Total  42-43

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