All policies, regarless of date of revision or implementation, are effective for all students regardless of date of admission.

Policies Regarding Admissions/Readmission

HESI Admission Assessment Exam - revised March 2015

Program Completion Policy

Required Student Drug Screening

Failure of Nursing Courses

(**NOTE: as of fall 2015 the passing grade for all nursing courses will be a 77/C+)

Required Student Documents Policy - Revised October 2014

Re-Admission Rubric Nursing

Admission Rubric - Revised March 2015

Action Plan Documentation Form for Reinstatement

Receipt of Student Handbook Policy- Revised May 2015

Reinstatement Tracking From


Reinstatement to the Nursing Program - Revised January 2014


**NEW Readmission of Students Permenantly Dismissed w/Extenuating Circumstances- Revised December 2014


Second Chance Nursing Program Option Policy - January 2014

Policies Regarding Grading/Testing

Grading Policy Effective Fall 2015

Exam Proctoring Policy - Revised June 2012

Calculation of Grades Revised May 2015

For all students, regardless of date of admission

Special Accommodations Testing Policy - Revised January 2014


Receipt of Special Accommodations Form



Policies Regarding Student Participation in Governance

Guidelines for Student Representatives - Revised October 2014



Student Conduct/Miscellaneous Policies

Nursing Program Requirements Policy - Revised January 2014

Inclement Weather Policy - Revised June 2012

Nursing Program Attendance Policy Revised September 2013

Use and Distribution of Nursing Materials Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Student Issues Policy - Revised October 2014

Student Action Plan Policy

Student Issue Reporting Form

Student Notification of Unsatisfactory Academic Progress - Revised January 2014

Suggestions to Improve Study Skills

Letter of Concern