All policies, regarless of date of revision or implementation, are effective for all students regardless of date of admission.

Policies Regarding Admissions/Readmission

HESI Admission Exam Policy - January 2014

Failure of Nursing Courses

(**NOTE: as of fall 2015 the passing grade for all nursing courses will be a 77/C+)

Required Student Drug Screening

Re-Admission Rubric Nursing

Required Student Documents Policy - Revised October 2014

**NEW Readmission of Students Permenantly Dismissed w/Extenuating Circumstances- Revised December 2014

Receipt of Student Handbook Policy- Revised October 2014

Second Chance Nursing Program Option Policy - January 2014

Reinstatement to the Nursing Program - Revised January 2014

Second Chance Program NRS 101 Challenge Prep Guide

Reinstatement Tracking From

Second Chance Program NRS 102 Challenge Prep Guide

Action Plan Documentation Form for Reinstatement


Policies Regarding Grading/Testing

Grading Policy Revised September 2013

(**NOTE: as of fall 2015 the pass grade for all nursing courses will be a 77/C+)

Exam Proctoring Policy - Revised June 2012

Calculation of Grades Revised January 2014

For all students, regardless of date of admission, effective Spring 2014

Special Accommodations Testing Policy - Revised January 2014


Receipt of Special Accommodations Form



Policies Regarding Student Participation in Governance

Guidelines for Student Representatives - Revised October 2014



Student Conduct/Miscellaneous Policies

Nursing Program Requirements Policy - Revised January 2014

Inclement Weather Policy - Revised June 2012

Nursing Program Attendance Policy Revised September 2013

Use and Distribution of Nursing Materials Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Student Issues Policy - Revised October 2014

Student Action Plan Policy

Student Issue Reporting Form

Student Notification of Unsatisfactory Academic Progress - Revised January 2014

Suggestions to Improve Study Skills

Letter of Concern