All professional phase nursing students are held accountable to the program requirements, policies and procedures outlined in the current semester’s Nursing Program Handbook.  All students are required to read the handbook and sign the form located at the end of the handbook.  This form certifies that you have been informed of nursing program policies and procedures. It is recommended that all students review, and become familiar with, the information contained in this handbook.  These forms are to be signed and returned to the Course Coordinator by the first day of classes.



Acceptable CPR Providers

Nursing Program Student Handbook for Fall 2015


All progressing students please note that the following policies have been revised. As per the Receipt of Student Handbook policy it is your resonsibility to review the entire handbook, print out and sign the Acknoledgement of Receipt of the Nursing Program Student Handbook and turn in to your instructor by the first day of class. This is required our you will be unable to sit for your first exam.

The following policies have been revised since last semester:

LPN to RN Advanced Placement Option

Program Completion

HESI Admission Assessment Exam

Program Dismissal

Reinstatement to a Nursing Course

Reinstatement Tracking Form

Grading Policy

Calculation of Grades Policy

Special Accomodations Testing Policy

Receipt of Student Handbook

Nursing Program Readmission Due to Extenuating Circumstances

Required Student Documents Policy

In fall 2015

Required Student Documents

Receipt of Student Handbook

Grading Policy (transitional policy)