"Celebrating Africans Who Changed Our History" a Lecture by Dr. Renee Walker at MCCC -- March 29


Dr. Renee Walker will present a lecture entitled "Celebrating Africans Who Changed Our History," as part of the “Africans in the Diaspora” lecture series, on March 29 at 12 noon in the Communications Building, Room 159 at Mercer County Community College.

Walker's lecture will include “a discussion of diasporic women who changed their civilizations in Egypt, Greece, and the Americas. Queen Tiye, Sappho, and Olmec civilization will be used to discuss how African scholarship, literature, and language undergird Western civilization."

Walker said much of American scholarship is based on the history of war and patriarchy, so we overlook significant, nonviolent social change that was engineered by women of color. "African women introduced us to social equality; dark women popularized emotionally intelligent poetry; and, America's Mother Culture has a West African oral and written tradition,” she said.

Walker, who has been on the faculty at MCCC since 1996, was the first person to receive a PhD in social work from a historically Black college, Howard University, where she was a DHHS fellow. She has taught in graduate and professional schools at UCLA, SUNY, and Boston College, and will begin a fellowship on African-American Studies at Princeton this fall.

Walker said that to honor Women's History Month she will "reanimate selected poems from the African Diaspora."