A Veteran's Day Message
from MCCC President
Patricia C. Donohue


Monday we observed Veteran's Day, and I would like to remind all of us to take a moment to remember the heroism of our country's veterans. Many who have recently served their country are now students here at MCCC. As a college we are in a unique position to help these veterans achieve their educational goals.

As our Veteran's Affairs director, Paul Scheid, reminds us, "We all need to support the young men and women who have taken time out of their lives, their careers, their education to serve this country. We need to help them readjust and get back on track with their education and their career goals."

In November 1919, one year after the ending of World War I, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of "Armistice Day." After World War II, the day was renamed Veteran's Day. A full history with photos is online at the Department of Veteran's Affairs here.

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