MCCC Theatre and Dance Students Perform in New York


Drama and dance students from Mercer County Community College have been performing experimental and avant garde pieces in New York City this month. The students are studying performance traditions in the 20th century under theatre program coordinator, Jody Person, in the "Visual and Performing Arts Artistic Collaboration Workshop."

The performances have been taking place in a New York City storefront window, at 217 E. 42nd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues at Chashama, and will continue through Dec. 21.

Four groups of students are doing four different performances that include drama, mime, dance, multimedia and improvisation. One group's performance focuses on television and the media and "the messages we blindly receive," Person said. "A hundred glittering images include miracle cures, unattainable images of beauty, and violence and blood wrapped up in easy sex. The piece is a satirical representation of these messages."

Another group's performance deals with affairs of the heart among three lovers...two of whom fight over one. "There is an unseen force that influences the lovers through temptation and deceit," said Person.

In another performance the character "humanity" is assaulted by characters representing forces such as "love," "passion," "the 7 deadly sins," and "violence."



Jon Turner, Lorelle Gray, Michele Ferry and Josiah DeAndrea in New York.
Jon Turner, Lorelle Gray, Michele Ferry and Josiah DeAndrea in New York.
Rehearsal at the Student Center.


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