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WEST WINDSOR, N.J.  --  Medicia Corporation's Martha Asinobi didn't believe it when Lorna Burt, of Mercer County Community College's Center for Training and Development, called to say her company would be eligible for free training for its employees.  "I thought it was a gimmick, but I listened to her," Asinobi said.  "And it was all true."

Medicia took full advantage of grant monies available through the New Jersey Department of Labor's Literacy Training Program.  The Dayton, N.J. cosmetics manufacturing company, with 205 employees, has been able to offer free training to staff members in computer applications and English as a Second Language at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.  Managers were trained in a variety of seminars.  "The training was wonderful," Asinobi said.  "People were asking to go to these training sessions."

According to MCCC Assistant Dean Nunzio Cernero, the Department of Labor will provide companies large and small with grants up to $50,000 to upgrade their employees' basic skills.  The college does the rest.  "Once a company contacts us and describes its training needs, we will prepare the application, provide the training services and complete all reports required by the State," Cernero said.   Training can take place at the college's West Windsor campus or at the company's site.

Under the requirements of the grant, companies continue to pay employee salaries during training, and must ensure that appropriate workers are targeted for training and attend classes as assigned.  All training must be completed within one year after the grant is signed.

For more information contact Nunzio Cernero, Assistant Dean, Training and Development, at 609-586-4800 ext. 3279 or email nunz@mccc.edu.

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