Professor Arthur E. Schwartz
Wins Mathematical Association of America Award


MCCC Professor Arthur E. Schwartz was awarded the New Jersey "Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics" award for 2004 by the Mathematical Association of America. He received the award at the association's annual spring meeting on March 27 at Rutgers University.

Schwartz has taught for 35 years at Mercer County Community College (MCCC), where he chaired the college's Mathematics program for 20 years and was instrumental in developing the curriculum. Well known among students for his enthusiasm for his subject matter and his ability to get across difficult concepts, Schwartz draws typical student comments such as: "Professor Schwartz really made me understand algebra," and "This professor is awesome." His colleagues described him and having a tremendous impact on the lives of his students and on the college.

In 1991 Schwartz was selected by students and faculty at MCCC to receive the college's Distinguished Teaching Award. In conferring the award then president John P. Hanley said "he guides over three hundred students each year…toward better patterns of thinking, problem-solving and analysis which serve them well in their careers and in all of life."

Six years ago Professor Schwartz participated in the Mid-Career Fellowship at Princeton University where he studied differential equations, his special area of interest. He earned a B.A. and M.A. from The College of New Jersey and a M.S. from Rutgers University.

Schwartz served as president of the MCCC Faculty Association for 15 years and has been the chief negotiator for 30 years. He has given his time to almost every college committee on campus and to numerous search committees. He has published articles dealing with math anxiety and the teaching/learning of mathematics.

"I have been very fortunate to have had excellent mathematics professors, both as teachers and as colleagues throughout my life," Schwartz said. "Their dedication to helping students progress from fearing mathematics to understanding, applying and in many cases, embracing the beauty of our subject, has reinforced my love of teaching."

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