"Nicholas Winton: The Power of Good"
A film to be shown April 27 at noon, CM 110

The film "Nicholas Winton: The Power of Good" portrays the activities of one working-class Englishman who, on his own, saved 669 children during the Holocaust. Winton never bothered to mention it . He took it as a normal thing to do in the course of events. He was subsequently knighted by the Queen.

On April 27 the film will be shown at Mercer County Community College, at noon in CM 110.

"If one man, Nicholas Winton, could save all those children, the question becomes what can each one of us do to save the children and adults undergoing genocide right now as the world does little?" asks Saul Goldwasser of MCCC's Holocaust/Genocide Resource Center, a former MCCC professor.

Attendees will receive information about the on-going genocide in Darfur, Sudan and its spread to Chad. "The U.S. has assumed leadership on this issue but is blocked by various world forces including China and Russia in the UN. Our students should be informed, particularly about the gathering in Washington, DC on April 30th protesting the genocide in Darfur," Goldwasser said.


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