Memo from Dr. Rose


To the Staff of MCCC:

As you may know, over the past weekend the James Kerney Campus suffered extensive damage because of a chiller line break on the roof, which completely flooded three stories in the older of the two buildings. Telephone wiring was destroyed and we have been without phone service there this week. Also damaged were computers, ceilings, walls and floors.

Because of the extraordinary efforts of all of our staff, we only lost one day of classes (Monday).

We are now working with insurance representatives. Cleanup is ongoing and reconstruction will begin as soon as possible. Temporary cell phones are on the way and we hope to have them operational in a day or two.

The staff at JKC has been able to move into temporary space in the Career Center building at North Broad and Hanover Streets. Youth programs have been moved to Trenton Central High School.

My heartfelt thanks to all of our staff members who have continued to do their jobs throughout this crisis. Special thanks to Beverly Richardson, Ed Frederick and Mike Dill for service “beyond the call of duty” during the past few difficult days.

As you can well imagine, this crisis has placed a strain on our maintenance staff. Project priorities will need to be shifted, and work orders will need to be put on hold until late September.

Many thanks in advance to everyone on campus for your patience while we work to restore the James Kerney Campus. Be assured that we will do everything in our power to have our facilities fully operational as soon as we possibly can.

Dr. Robert Rose