Incident of Oct. 8, 2007 Public Update

October 17, 2007

Security and Safety Tips


On the evening of October 8, an allegation of sexual assault at the West Windsor campus was reported to MCCC campus security. The individual arrested in regard to this alleged assault is an enrolled student who has been suspended from the college until resolution of the charges, and prohibited from entering the college campuses.

We ask that everyone continue to be alert to suspicious activity on campus, and work together to keep our campuses safe for everyone. Report any suspicious activity to security immediately by calling 609-570-3503 or using one of the call boxes located both inside the buildings and outside on campus grounds.

Any student requiring an escort to their vehicle may contact security at 609-570-3503 and a ride to their cars will be arranged. Counseling or consultation is available for students and staff.

Security at Mercer County Community College

The college has an excellent safety record, and most students feel safe on campus. We are now reviewing safety issues. Here is the link to MCCC's safety record for the past few years.

After the Oct. 8 incident we have put extra security officers in place, and they are patrolling throughout the campus.

Any student who wants an escort to his or her vehicle after dark may contact the Security Office at ext. 3503, and they will be driven to their vehicle.

We are paying special attention to student IDs. Students are asked to wear their ID at all times.

Increased lighting and increased security cameras will be installed throughout the campus in the near future.

Our counselors are available to speak with concerned parents and students. They are:

Martha Gunning, 570-3563

Tim Moran, 570-3354

Linda Ertingu, James Kerney Campus, 570-3165

Suggested Campus Security Tips (download .pdf Safety Tips brochure here)

o You MUST wear your College ID at all times.
o You may call Security to request an escort to your vehicle.
o Stay alert - use your senses. Be aware of what is happening around you, especially when using your electronic devices.
o Stay on college walkways; avoid isolated areas, and don't take shortcuts.
o Walk with a friend or a group.
o Try to park in well-lit areas.
o Always lock your car when you park on campus and do not leave valuables inside.
o Have your keys ready before you get to your car.
o Inspect your car before entering it.
o Report suspicious activities or people to Security.
o If you feel threatened, enter the nearest building or classroom where people are present.
o Emergency call boxes are located in student parking lots and along walkways at the West Windsor campus.
o Emergency red phones inside buildings at both campuses pinpont your location to Security.

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