MCCC Offers New Degree in Culinology



This fall Mercer County Community College will offer a new associate degree program in Culinology™, which blends the disciplines of food science and the culinary arts. Mercer developed the program in cooperation with the Research Chefs Association and Rutgers University.

By combining the creativity of the culinary arts with the knowledge of basic science, students will be prepared to enter careers in research and development of food products, developing new tastes and flavors and new ways to store and manufacture foods.

According to Jeff Cousminer of the Research Chefs Association, there is a need in industry for professionals with the knowledge of both cooking and the science behind food manufacturing.
Students who complete the associate degree at Mercer will be prepared to transfer to Rutgers University to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Interdisciplinary Food Science. They will also have the opportunity to work toward certification with the Research Chefs Association, which has trademarked the Culinology name.

The Research Chefs Association is working with several colleges nationwide to offer the Culinology program. The new field has attracted attention from national media outlets, including USA TODAY. Read their article here.

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MCCC faculty member Frank Benowitz with Jeff Cousminer of the Research Chefs Association.
Mercer students work in one of the college's two professional kitchens.



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