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From the issue dated October 21, 2005



New Jersey Colleges Announce Programs for Students With Intellectual Disabilities


Two colleges in New Jersey announced plans to create academic programs for students with intellectual disabilities.

The programs would be among the first to treat students with mental retardation as fully capable of completing college-level work.

"This is not a watered-down program," said a spokeswoman for Mercer County Community College.

The National Down Syndrome Society is providing $50,000 each to Mercer and the College of New Jersey annually for the next three years to develop the programs.

The first class of students is expected to begin in the 2006-7 academic year.

Stephen and Laura Riggio, whose daughter has Down syndrome, donated the money for the programs.

The programs will be open to students with developmental disabilities, mental retardation, or Down syndrome. Both colleges plan to admit six to eight students a year.

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Volume 52, Issue 9, Page A45

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