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Liberal Arts Major Studying in Ireland


While history, culture and natural beauty draw tourists to Ireland from throughout the world, for MCCC student Hope Williams, the country’s friendly and outgoing people are its most fascinating feature.  Hope planned her study-abroad experience to the Emerald Isle after visiting the country twice while her sister was studying in England.  Eager to return, she met with MCCC Study Abroad Coordinator Andrea Lynch to discuss the possibilities for adding a travel experience to her studies.

Hope Williams with Study-Abroad Coordinator Andrea Lynch.

Taking online courses through MCCC’s Virtual College while living abroad and staying with a local family seemed the best and easiest choice for Williams, who made her own travel arrangements.  An Independent Study Abroad course, with Lynch, will earn her an additional college credit and keep her focused on her goals, as will a daily journal.

One of Williams’ goals is to gain as much as she can out of her experience, not just educationally but emotionally. “I think I will finally know who I am as a person,” she said. “I am still trying to figure that out.  When I was in Ireland originally, I thought I was starting to find it.”  In a journal entry on Hope’s new website, written just before leaving for her adventure, she says, “I know I'll definitely come back a changed person with a different outlook on life.”

A Liberal Arts major, Williams plans to transfer for her bachelor’s degree after Mercer, and is considering teaching mathematics as a career.  While history has not been a favorite subject, her interest in Ireland includes learning about its rich past. She also plans to see a great deal of the country’s beautiful green countryside.

Daily communication through her website will keep Williams in touch with family, friends and Ms. Lynch.  “It’s pretty courageous, what this young lady is doing,” Lynch said.  “She is very free spirited.”

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