The Women's History Month Luncheon at MCCC
March 21, 2007

Counselor Amy Immordino, right, accepts her award for Club/Organization Leader. She is the Advisor to the International Student Organization.

Whitney Potts, president of the Student Government Association, left, presented the Student Leader Award to Emmy Brandon, who serves as vice president to the Education Honor Society and assistant to the SGA executive board
The two honorees in the Staff Member category were Assistant Director and Athletics Trainer Lisa Camillone, "whose commitment to students is endless," and Administrative Specialist Joan DeLucia of Student Activities, who "is always willing to lend a hand."
Faculty honoree was Heather Jennings, who teaches psychology at both campuses. One comment was "She has a special way of working with and connecting with students."
The Hospitality Club students, faculty and staff prepared an excellent luncheon and cake.
Some of the more than 100 atendees.

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