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(609) 540-1555

Young Artists Set to Ignite! Trenton Art Scene

IGNITE! – an exhibition of new artworks from 18 contemporary artists opens on Saturday, May 1, 2004 with a gala reception from 7 pm – 9:30 pm. The exhibit, showcased at the ARTWORKS gallery in Trenton, NJ, remains on display from May 1 – June 21, 2004.

IGNITE! is the brainchild of Pratt graduate and Robbinsville native Matthew Lucash, who is currently completing his MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Lucash and co-curator Rocco Nicolini have assembled an international roster of hot young artists from four continents, and 11 major cities from around the world (including NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Trenton and Philadelphia, as well as from the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan.)

“With IGNITE! we’ve brought together artists who represent the cusp of what’s really going on among the youngest generation in the contemporary art world,” says Lucash. “The show’s about new ideas about what art is, what it can be, and what it can do. There’s work here that represents some of the best in current trends, and work that pushes the boundaries of what event the most seasoned art-goer would consider ‘art’.”

IGNITE! is the third in this year’s TAWA at ARTWORKS series of exhibitions, celebrating the 25th anniversary of TAWA (the Trenton Artist Workshop Association.) The exhibition and reception are free and open to the general public. An artist discussion will be held in June on a date TBA.

ARTWORKS is located on Stockton Street in Trenton, just off of the Market Street exit of Route 1, and easily accessible from Rte. 29 or the Trenton Train Station. For directions, contact the Trenton Visitors Center at (609) 777-1770 during regular weekday business hours.

Gallery hours for this show are Sunday, 11 am – 3 pm, Monday 1 – 6 pm, Wednesday, 11 – 3 pm and other hours by appointment. Some press preview hours are available the week of April 25th. Please contact Matt Lucash at (609) 540 – 1555 for additional information or to make an appointment.


Michael Coppage
Michael Cummings
Austin J. Dadson
Ted Dalton
Billy Blaise Dufala
Steven Dufala
Hisako Inoue
Alicia Keller
Jenny Kanzler
Tamara Kostianovsky
Matthew Lucash
Tom McKloskey
Mary Kate Maher
Robert Nicol
Rocco Nicolini
Aaron Pauly
Mark Stafford
Michael Tarbi
Ben Volta
Patrick Zeising

trenton artists workshop association post office box 969 trenton, new jersey, 08605

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