Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony
May 16, 2006

The stage awaits. Honorees who achieved 35 years of service try out their new chairs. From left are Acting President Tom Wilfrid, Gary Mesh, Marilyn Dietrich and Board Vice Chair William Coleman. Not pictured are David Leeb, Kenneth Schipske and Dori Seider.
Thirty-year awardees included Dean L. Diane Campbell and Soam Chhedi. Not pictured is Ronald Spych. Celebrating 25 years were Nancy Fish, Carol Andrejcik, Peter Horne, Pam Price, Shantha Ramachandran, VP Beverly Richardson, Margaret Livingston and Elaine Stout. Not pictured are Gracemarie Barna, Michael Dorneman, Regina Mezei, and Robert Wardy.
Twenty-year honorees included Fred Bassini, Debbie Kell and Josephine Mathias. Not pictured are Regina Eaton, John Makonie, Marianna Migliori, Donna Munde, James Snyder, Margaret Thomas and Carol Weber. Celebrating 15 years are Martha Dockter, Diane Badessa, Tonia Harrison, Sheila Evans, Barbara Jefferson, Sandra Kerr, Framarz Khoushab and Elaine Weinberg. Not pictured are Janet Alu, Linda Davison, Frank Gravina, Robert Mahan and Wayne Murray.
Ten-year awardees included Barbara Behrens, Laura Blinderman and William Zagorski. Not pictured are Ross Amico, Michael Harrah, Elizabeth Knight, Laurel Kornfeld, Joshua Milstein, Monire Lorentz, Sharon Russell and Daniel Spalluto. Michael Glass received the "Human Relations Award." In Dr. Wilfrid's remarks he said Glass is respected at the college and active in community and charitable causes. He can be counted on to volunteer for any task, any committee.
Charlie Schlegel was selected for the "Community Service Award." He is an active volunteer with the Hibernians, the Hungarian-American Civic Association, and lends his home to many in need. Members of the Staff Recognition Committee included Margaret Tsui, Mildred Leckie, Debra Stotland, Jennie DeLapo, Marie Mendez, Vanessa Wilson, Michael Glass, Michele Palang, Kitty Getlik, Donna Richardson-Hall and Pat Johnson.

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