MCCC's Staff Recognition
Celebration 2004

Ten years of service: Joseph Lugo, Rachel Sabol, Renata Fusco,
Fran Davidson, Jeff Weichert, (Dr. Rose) James Kelly and Sarah Barnes.
Also with ten years of service, not pictured, are Nancy Cucugiello,
Jeffrey Sekerka and Sue Zambrio.

15 years of service: Cheryl Cosgrove, Jerry Kuhl, Diane Loving, Stephanie DeMarco,
Linda Ference, Donna Goldstein, Khalida Haqq, George Warner Jr., Priscilla Simpson,
Jason Taylor, (Dr. Rose).
Also with fifteen years of service, not pictured, are
Maria DeMaio, Emmaline Marks, Alice Miller, Lynne Nelson and Reginald Page.

20 years of service: Joe Blasenstein, Diane Bennett, Andrew Conrad, Ruth Burchell,
Michael Massa, Mary McCormick, Helene Plank, Joseph Pierleonardi,
Maria Rodriguez, John Wittmann, (Dr. Rose). Also with 20 years of service, not pictured,
is Paul Nymick. All received MCCC pins with emeralds.

25 years of service: Karriem Beyah, Clara Douglas, Noreen Duncan, Marguerite Getlik,
Rose Nini, Martin Lawrence, (Dr. Rose). Also with 25 years of service, not pictured,
is Ricardo Figueroa. All received MCCC pins with diamonds.

30 years of service: Ronald McCall and Patricia Carr with Dr. Rose.
Also with 30 years of service, not pictured, is George Colnaghi.
All received mantel clocks.
35 year celebrants had their choice of chair: rocking or captains. Chairs were engraved with the MCCC logo and the recipient's name.
From left are Arthur Schwartz, Ramon Sanchez, Edward Frederick, Jennifer Dowd,
Thomas Wilfrid, Virginia Lucas, Guy DeRosa, (Dr. Rose).
Also with 35 years of service, not pictured, is Arthur Forman.
Doug Moser celebrated 40 years.
Soon to retire: Rose Marie Marano, John Santosuosso
and Lynn Steill with Dr. Rose.
Staffers celebrating 21 through 24 years received pins with emeralds.

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