The 2008 Staff Recognition Awards

Ten year award recipients included, from left, Saveria Symons, Floyd Bledsoe, Yvonne Chang, Jeanne Lavertu, Amy Iseneker, Helen Tanzini, Joann Mia, Cynthia VonRhine, Barbara Pieslak, Jeffrey Zygmunt and Linda Scherr. Not pictured is Alvin Wallace.
Fifteen year awardees, from left, were Doreen Carnvale, Alvyn Haywood, Gail LaFrance, Richard Miller, Florence Sult, Robert Terrano, and Susan Zambrio. Not pictured are Dean Gullo, Beth Perkins and Judy Tomasetti.
Twenty year awardees are, from left, Alex Cooper, Lucy McElhenny, and Kenneth Miller. Not pictured are Phillip Joiner, Judith Nygard, Donna Richardson-Hall and Filomena Vasta.
Receiving 25 year awards were Llisa Camillone and Laura Knight.
Receiving 30 year awards were Don Jones and Milfred Leckie, pictured with President Donohue. Not pictured are Martha Gunning, Jose Schaible and Robert Smith.
Receiving their 35-year chairs were Dean Robin Schore, Carlo Alfare and Ellen Benowitz, pictured with President Donohue and Board Vice Chair Rev. William Coleman. Not pictured is Karl Blackwell.
Forty-year awardee was Professor Ted Otten. Not pictured is Mel Leipzig.

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