MCCC Honors Staff and Faculty
for Years of Service

May 16, 2007

Board Chair Skip Cimino, left, and President Donohue, right, with 40-year honorees, from left, Dominick DeFino, Paul Scheid and Leslie Grunes. Not pictured are Carl Kovelowski and Edith Silver.
Seated are 35-year honorees Robert Pugh and Bruce Chorba. Leroy Jenks is not pictured.
At center are 30-year honorees Michael Glass and Laurene Jones. Donald Reichman is not pictured.
Celebrating 25 years are, from left, Wilma Harley, Betty Blackwell, Carole Ann Schwarz, and Sharon Vlasac. Not pictured are Levi Powell and Ellen Wijesinghe.
Honored for 20 years of service are, from left, Patricia Johnson, Jeffrey Callahan, Kenneth Hunt, Eric Perkins and Michael Welliver. Not pictured are Michael Biehl, Lynn Coopersmith and Jerry Simicsak.

Honored for 15 years of service are, from left, William Petrosky, Renata Fusco, Linda Falkow, Susan Holman, Antimo Cesaro, Emile Dubois, Jane O'Reilly and Kathryn Pinner. Not pictured are Ann Bobo, Coleen Bryce, William Downs, Allan Kelly, Bliss Michelson and Sheryl Trotman.

Ten-year honorees included, from left, Joseph Blando, Christopher Depagnier, Douglas Fee and John Simone. Not pictured are Nora Albarran, Dennis Arnell, Joseph Blando, Edwin Eichert, Darryl Foyuth, Bryan O'Neal and Clu Sato.

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