Statement from Dr. Robert R. Rose, President

Read to the College Assembly

August 25, 2003


Good morning and welcome to an exciting new academic year here at Mercer.  Let me begin by expressing my sincere appreciation on behalf of Linda and myself for the incredible support we have received from you.  Your cards, e-mails, telephone calls, and prayers have truly helped us to better deal with the situation I am facing and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Let me also thank you for where we find the college today.  Over the past two years our college has made some wonderful strides forward.  This has been accomplished through the collaborative efforts of many, many individuals.  We have succeeded togetheróFACULTY, STAFF, ADMINISTRATION and the BOARD of TRUSTEES.   Together, through mutual respect and trust, we have accomplished much.  And yet, there is still much to be accomplished.  FACULTY, STAFF, ADMINISTRATION and the BOARD of TRUSTEES need to continue to work together in my absence.  The focus has to be our students and how we can continue to best meet community needs.


It is very, very important to me that all of you work closely together in my absence to continue to move the college forward.  We have developed a blueprint for the future and now is the time to work together to insure itsí implementation.


We face significant challenges as we continue to meet the educational needs of our students.  Two important projects that require our immediate attention are our Strategic Plan and Middle States self-study.


We need to  implement the goals and objectives of Year 1 of our Strategic Plan and to aggressively continue our self-study and articulate how good we are and how well we serve Mercer County in preparation for the visiting re-accreditation team from Middle States.  


As you know, this is most successfully accomplished through all of us working together to insure broad-based input resulting in a comprehensive document that reflects ownership from all levels of the institution.  Over the past two years, by working closely together at all levels, we have accomplished a sense of collegiality and mutual respect and it is really important to me that we continue on this pathway.   Our focus needs to be the college.  It is the college that is important.  Please help me and the Board of Trustees continue to move our Shared Vision forward.


Dr. Wilfrid and the management team have done an excellent job in my absence and I encourage you to continue supporting their efforts in this challenging situation.


Although I do not know how long the legal process will take, once my name and reputation are restored I look forward to returning to the college.


Thank you and have a great semester.