Retirement Party of June 16, 2005

Marie Mendez congratulates retiree Winnie Burgess. Graphic Designer Jim Smith, at right, served as DJ.

Retiree David Collier with Art Schwartz.
Retiree Ronald McCall with Art Schwartz.
Retiree James Rowe with Art Schwartz.
Retiree Herb Spiegel with Art Schwartz.
Bill Mate with some members of his staff. From left are Saveria Symons, Wendy Humphrey, Elaine Stout, Rosanne Zarrilli, Tricia Fagan,
Bill Mate, Kay Eaton and Lynn Holl.
Jackie Dunn and Joe Lugo serve some beautiful desserts to Elaine Stout and David Collier. The food service staff prepared an excellent dinner.
Let's dance!

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