Distinguished Lecture Series





“A gentle lesson in sexuality and empowerment”


Dr. Mildred Pollner, Producer



Dr. Pollner’s documentary will view the sexual games in advertising, the socialization process reinforced, and the role models presented.  Here are some of the questions that will be addressed:


What is love?  What is true romance?  What scenarios are involved?  Does alcohol play a part?  Is smoking sexy/glamorous?  Are we subtly encouraged to light up or drink when partying?  Does this get reinforced by TV, films and advertising?  Do these messages get internalized and impact upon our behavior with unplanned ‘romantic’ interludes?  Could the latter lead to violence, premature pregnancy, or AIDS?  Finally what are the myths of romance?


Dr. Pollner is the President of Cinema Verite International, Inc.  She has lectured and shown her documentaries throughout the world.  Most recently, she was sent to Russia by the US government as an advisor to Russian Educational TV.  Her documentaries have been shown at the American Film Festival, and the Angelica Film Center in NYC.  She has taught at CUNY, Columbia, Fordham, Rutgers and NYU.


Dr. Pollner holds a doctorate from Columbia University.


Introduced by:  Dr. Dori Seider, Professor of Psychology and French



Thursday, February 12, 2004

12 noon – 1 P.M.

Communications Building – Room CM110