Hearing  Voices
††† Hearing  Voices


SoÖWhat do YOU do for FUN?


Movie Tickets: $9 (and thatís if you go solo--no popcorn)

Concert $40 (and thatís if you have excellent vision and your nose doesn't bleed)

Dinner out: $30 (sorry, no appetizer or dessert--and a terrible tip!)

Trip to City: $50 (stress, stress, stress, a little road rage, and then more stress)

Paintball: $60 (bugs abound and Öit huuurrrrts!)

Beach: $TBA--(and the sausage & pepper sandwiches will give you indigestion for sure)

Cruise (forget it, you canít afford it on your salary)


The MouthWorks Show:

†† Always FREE! Always FUN!

       3 Straight Years of Success!

       Teen/Young Teen Friendly

       FREE Coffee/Tea and Baked Goods!



You STILL havenít seen one?

Oh my! Where have you been?

Youíre missing out on all the fun!


Watch Kathi Paluscioís warm & fuzzy professional performance troupe show you how hysterical speaking can be!


Saturday, May 6th7:30pm††† AND †††††† Sunday, May 7th 2pm

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††† CM 122/Blackbox Theatre


100 seats, first come, first serve.



* Buttercup and Blue Bart and the Coconut Dance

* Chef Gone Mad!

*Ode to my Stalker!

*Teacher Talkin' Smack!

* Poetry gone awry!

* The talking chi wa-wa!

*Roses are not Red!

* and much more!