MCCC’s “Mouthworks” Oral Interpretation Group to Perform Dec. 3 and 4

So, when was the last time you had a good, hard belly laugh? Mercer County Community College’s very original and very witty performance troupe, MouthWorks, will present its new show, "MouthWorks Interprets the Student Handbook" or "18 Things You Can Do With Your Mouth" on Friday, Dec., 3 at 7 p.m., and Saturday, Dec. 4 at 8 p.m. in the MC3 Studio Theatre (CM 122), located on Mercer's West Windsor Campus next to Kelsey Theatre.

MouthWorks started in 2003 as an extra-curricular club for students majoring in communications. Students perform thematically linked prose, poetry and choral readings using uncommon sources. According to MouthWorks Advisor Kathy Paluscio, “MouthWorks provides students with a caring, trusting environment in which to be creative. It’s never about stealing the show and it’s always about making sure everyone gets their moment to shine,” she said.

During shows, the performers hold their scripts. “That is what oral interpreters do,” Paluscio said. “It may seem like we are winging it, but we never are. Everything is absolutely rehearsed and choreographed, every joke, every aside, every greeting. The audience just doesn’t know it and that is why they love it. To them, it seems fresh and unpredictable.”

It’s also funny, at times hysterical, notes Paluscio. “We dare to be silly without worrying about what we will look and sound like. We all appreciate every time someone tries something new. We rehearse hard and fast. We latch on to an idea about a character or a theme and we go full steam ahead"

Paluscio believes the real secret to the troupe’s success is its geniality. “Nothing negative passes our lips. If anything, we are overly nice. That's why people come to see the shows. That darn niceness is just infectious.”