How to enter the "Integrow Employee Portal" from MLink []:

Below is directly from Mark Meara's Jan. 5 email:

To enter and use the IEP, click on the “Integrow Employee Portal” icon located at the bottom-center of the MLink Home page. This will open a new web browser window. Once at the IEP Home page, it is as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Log in with the first part of your email address (i.e., up to the @ sign – e.g., “mearam”) as the ID and the MMDDYY of your birth date as the password.

2) Upon logging in the first time, you must immediately change your password. When presented with the form, in addition to entering and verifying your new password, you must also provide your Mother’s maiden name as a security check in case you forget your password. After you have changed your password, in order to access any data you will have to log into the system again, this time using your new password.

3) After logging in for the second time (i.e., with your new password), you must answer 3 security questions so that our Help Desk can verify your identity in case you forget your password. You will only have to do this the first time you enter the IEP module, after which the system will store all of your security data.

The security questions may seem like over-kill, however please consider that we are allowing access to sensitive, confidential information. If you have any questions regarding using the IEP, please do not hesitate to contact the ITS Help Desk at extension H-E-L-P (x4357) for assistance.