The Middle States Team
at MCCC -- April 3-6, 2005

Faculty and staff members greet the Middle States team for a Sunday evening dinner.

Dr. Rose introduces Chef Annie Prizzi and her team, including MCCC students.

The evaluating team, from left, are: Louis Vangieri of Delaware Technical and CC;
John D. Becker of Anne Arundel CC; Richard E. Reese of Finger Lakes CC;
Dr. Charlene R. Nunley, team chair, president of Montgomery College;
Dr. Julie Meyer Rao of Monroe CC, Norayne Rosero of Mohawk Valley CC,
Dr. George Bishop of Niagara CC,
and Dr. Sharon T. Gavin Levy of Northampton County CC.

Team members not pictured are Dr. Mary Anne Blum Condon of Pennsylvania State University and Marguerite Beardsley of the NJ Commission on Higher Education.

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