Letter from the distribution center in South Louisiana to one of the truck drivers who delivered MCCC's donations:


It was SO GREAT to talk to you again tonight. I cannot begin to put into words the tremendous impact that you and all of the people in New Jersey made on the lives of so many families here in South Louisiana. Our residents here in Plaquemines and in the surrounding parishes have, for the most part, been completely devastated by these last two storms. As you, Lorry and Brad saw first hand, the devastation is very widespread. Due to hurricane Rita, the highway into the southern part of our parish was closed for another two weeks. MOST of our residents are just getting back now for the first time to check on what they have left. Unfortunately many are only coming back to a bare slab.

The spark that your group gave our relief efforts has grown into a huge fire. The hundreds of families that have since come through our church are so overwhelmed at the generosity of so many people around the country. We have helped well over 500 people since you all have come with so much love and generosity. The reaction has been constant, overwhelming gratitude. We have a huge number of notes that we will be forwarding on to you all from many of the families that have benefited from all of your efforts.

We are truly looking forward to the future now. Many of the people that we talk with are very anxious to return to Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes. Two of the very hardest hit parishes in the entire state. The people of this area are very family centered and cannot think of any other option than to rebuild. In doing so they will be receiving a travel trailer from FEMA and living in those for the next many months to years. In preparing for that, our biggest needs now would center on those future plans. Household items will be our greatest request. We would love to help outfit those units as they arrive. Items would include:

Nonperishable food
Bedspreads/ Comforters
Towels & Washcloths
Sleeping Bags
Pots and Pans
Cooking utensils
Cups & Glasses
Bake ware
Small Electronics or Appliances

The hearts of the people of Mercer County are overwhelming. Your offer for more assistance will continue to change lives of so many that would have few options as they return to such a devastating environment. I have included a few pictures of the area and also some pictures from the church showing the difference you all have made.

Please let everyone involved know what a TREMENDOUS difference they have made to so many people. We cannot begin to thank you all enough, but know that your love and help is truly heartfelt here in South Louisiana.

Dennis, Gina & Donlene Butler
And the entire family

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