Alpha Mu Gamma International Night
April 21, 2006

Steve Richman, Bea Machunze and Joseph Bartkowicz present certificates to inductees of Alpha Mu Gamma, the foreign language honor society. Each inductee gave a short presentation in his or her native language.
Joseph Bartkowicz presents an award.
Alpha Mu Gamma vice president Kathy Hasson, left, with president Marie Luisi.
The Hospitality Club provided an excellent meal.
Entertainers included singer Michele Meyers, who graduated from MCCC last fall, with her brother and accompanist Nick Bizzarro. Michele is now at The College of New Jersey.
Dancers of the group "Fringe Benefit" performed an "American tribal style belly dance." The central Jersey group's literature says its style borrows from all different cultures in places such as Spain, India, Morocco, Egypt, tribal Africa, Asia, Turkey and Afghanistan. It is influenced by American hip hop and even the Hawaiian hula.

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