MCCC Mobilizes For Disaster Relief!

Three who gave a lot of their time to the effort: Joan DeLucia, Marie Mendez and Susan Zambrio. Many students volunteered to help out, including these freshmen.

The Plainsboro Community Emergency Response Team donated several skids of items, including water, cleaning supplies, paper products and infant supplies. FedEx donated a truck to transport the items to MCCC.

Professor Peter Horne, right, helps wrap a skid of items from the Plainsboro donation.
Members of the MCCC basketball team, Isiah Linton and Landry Nguema help Patty Richards unload her donation. Students from Dori Seider's class volunteer to sort clothing.
Members of MCCC's Maintenance staff gave a lot of their time to the effort.
Some members of the committee at the loading site on day four. Valarie Daniels, far left, filmed parts of the effort each day. Volunteers meet the Sysco truck delivering water and other supplies. The donation was arranged through the MCCC Hospitality Club.
Three HRI majors were on hand to greet the Sysco truck and sort supplies. From left are Jennifer Byrne, Whitney Potts and Edward Livingston. The sign was donated by Aztec Graphics of Trenton.
Tom Wilfrid and committee members Dori Seider and Sue Zambrio speak with a reporter from The College Voice, at left. Marie Mendez has a satisfied look late Friday, when the truck was finally full. Marie's husband, Lorry, was one of the three drivers who took the supplies to Baton Rouge.

Some of the many generous volunteers and committee members
who gave their time to Mercer's relief effort.

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