The Haunted Carnival -- Integra Palooza

Danielle Garruba and Kathy Paluscio coordinated the event.
They are wearing their "tip" shirts -- giving advice
about the horrors of cheating.

Students in costume.
Students read from the Academic Integrity policy -- a
requirement before getting free tickets for food and games.
From left, Tonya Harrison plays the wheel while Bill Peroni and faculty members Carol Weber and Judy Nygard man the wheel. Everyone won a prize.
Skits about the penalties brought on by cheating were performed by members of Kahy Paluscio's Oral Interpretation class members.
Two talented student actors are Jason Edwards and Ricardo Cineus.
"Only a fool would cheat,"
with the fool played by Robert Delgado of Student Activities.
Gianna Durso-Finley volunteered in appropriate attire.
At left, John Frederick confesses on the soap box while devils Johanna Garrison and Whitney Potts give him some opposition. Devils and angels practice their combat before the carnival. Coordinator Kathy Paluscio, second from right, directs the battle.

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