Some Sauerkraut Soup

By Joan Goldstein



Last week Andrew Z a Dream

World student in my Sociology class said

That he cared about my well being.  I had

Told him of my “bad” tooth adventure,

being zapped in dentaland,

Eyes and cheeks swollen and sore, black and blue, and

He urged me to “eat apple sauce

 –you should eat plenty of apple sauce;”

 his voice a sing-song of Poland and

Brooklyn and now a little Jersey; but

 Best he told me

 he would email

Me his very own recipes for

Tomato Soup and

Sauerkraut soup

That would surely make me better.


No emails nor recipes yet arrive, though I

Can imagine the sourness of

That sauerkraut soup, my cheeks

Sucking in the healthy, hardy salty cabbage strings from

A steaming bowl

While Andrew stands by, ladle in hand,

 Nodding his head, saying,” see,

soon you will be better”