The 2008 MCCC Community Service and Human Relations Awardees

Amy Iseneker
Community Service Awardee

This person recently suggested that the college purchase different types of vehicles.

This person sometimes suggests wearing a certain color.

This person is well known for ever-growing artistic talent.

This person's enthusiasm keeps blossoming.

This person is involved in many community activities and is known to go far above and beyond the call of duty.

Called an exemplary coordinator of a program, this person is the advisor to a campus club.

For the past several years this person has spearheaded a major fundraising drive. In fact, this person was honored this year by a major charitable organization.

She has volunteered to lead our college's Sustainability Committee and was instrumental in the purchase of the new recycling containers on campus.

This person is Amy Iseneker, coordinator of the Ornamental Horticulture and Plant Science programs.

Jeff Callahan
Human Relations Awardee

Wearing many hats, this person volunteers for numerous committees and events.

This person provides frequent informal advice to students, and even offers to tutor and counsel students, which is not in this person's job description. This person is the first to donate to student appeals and causes.

This person has been known to find housing for homeless staff and faculty, and is readily available to commiserate with people who are having a bad day.

This person knows virtually everyone on campus and is respected by all. This person has been called the ambassador of the college and has a vast network of contacts throughout the county. This person shows much loyalty to those for whom he or she works.

This is a Mercer alumnus and is on the Alumni Executive Board.

This person has started making more frequent use of the smoking kiosk to the great relief of those enforcing smoking regulations.

He has been called the backbone of the Liberal Arts department. He has helped several students obtain internships in funeral services.

This person is Jeff Callahan.

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