Mercer County Community College's
Emergency Response Plan Summary

Terrorism forces us to make a choice.  Don’t be afraid, be ready,” says the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on their website

In the event of an emergency, MCCC will act under the mandate of appropriate civil authorities.  It's important for all on campus to remain calm and to assist with the emergency plan in every way possible.

The college will provide all emergency information to staff, faculty and students promptly as we receive it through our communication chains listed below:

Communication Chains:

In-Person Chain:
    Security Personnel → Building Coordinators→ Floor Coordinators→ Staff/Faculty→ Students.
(Follow the instructions given by your Building or Floor Coordinators whose names are listed below.)
    Electronic Chain :
    Security Office→ College Community via e-mail or telephone
    Security Office→ Interested others via Website / WWFM / Channel 23


Walk, don’t run.  Use stairs, not elevators.  Go to the nearest accessible exit. 

1)    Campus-Wide Evacuation
Be patient as Security officers and Mercer County Park Rangers assist us in exiting the campus in a safe and orderly manner.

2)    Building Evacuation Only:   Go to the evacuation zone nearest to you (zone map attached).  Response teams will be present at the zones to give you further direction.  Keep streets, circles, sidewalks and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel.
Staying on Campus (lockdown):
In the event we are directed by civil authorities to keep everyone on campus (possibly because of chemical or biological agents), we will have food and water supplies at each campus to last several days.  Both campuses have emergency generators. 

Anyone who takes medication is advised to have at least three days supply with them when on campus.

West Windsor Campus
Daytime Emergency Communication Coordinators

Note:  Names that appear after the / are backup coordinators.

Administration Building:  
E. Perkins
    Floor 1:  W. Brooks

    Floor 2:  M. Meara

Business Building:  J. Sanders/ M. Mendez
    Floor 1:  J. Sanders/ M. Mendez
    Floor 2:  K. Williamson/ A. Gutchigian
    Floor 3:  P. Taylor/ D. Geck

Conference Center:  R. Nini
    Floor 1-- daytime:  J. Lugo;  evening: R. J. Deluca
    Floor 2-- daytime: F. DiBella; evening: R. J. Deluca

Communications Building:  A. Bruzaitis/ A. Weiss
    CM Annex:  C. Gallagher
    CM Music Area:  M. Weisiger

Engineering Technology/Engineering Systems:  R. Terrano
    ES 1:  L. Decker-Deblois
    ET 1:  B. Reed-Momot
    ET 2:  R. Bianco
    ET 3:  J. Boyce

Fine Arts:  D. Lowing
    Floor 1:  D. Lowing

Horticulture Greenhouse:  A. Iseneker/ M. Wszolek
Liberal Arts:  T. Wilfrid
    Floor 1:  S. Zambrio
    Floor 2:  M. Rousseau

Library:  P. Price/ K. Haqq
    Floor 1:  J. Schaible
    Floor 2:  L. Wilkerson

Science and Allied Health:  A. Porter/ B. Perkins
    Floor 1:  M. Beck/ C. Ventura
    Floor 2:  L. Gaylo/ M. Norcross
    Floor 3:  M. Norcross/ L. Gaylo

Maintenance:  M. Dill/ R. Mahan

Physical Education:  J. Simone/ M. Schaffer

Student Center:  C. Tosh/ M. Pender
    Floor 1:  D. Garruba
    Floor 2:  D. Beach

Theatre:  K. Getlik/ K. Pinner
Camp College:  S. Vlasac/  D. Wagner

James Kerney Campus
Daytime Emergency Communication Coordinators

Buildings Coordinator: E. Frederick/ B. Richardson/ B. Jefferson

    CC Building:  R. Estok
    Floor 1:  O. Ogunbodede
    Floor 2:  D. Jones
    Floor 3:  D. Davis
    Floor 4:  R. Figueroa

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