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E-Bulletin of January 24, 2003
a newsletter for staff and faculty of Mercer County Community College

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Blood Drive Reminder
Because of critical blood shortages throughout the state of New Jersey, the MCCC Human Resources Office is asking everyone to participate in a blood drive with the Community Blood Council of New Jersey on February 6 at the Student Center, room 108, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  If you plan to donate please call Mildred Leckie at ext. 3271 with your name and extension.  Walk-ins are also welcome.
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Staff Discounts for Camp College
The Division of Corporate and Community Programs is offering 15-20% discounts on Camp College for your children if you register by April 1.  Discounts will be offered to:
·    Full-time faculty and staff and permanent part-time employees
·    Camp College instructors and counselors
·    Noncredit adjunct instructors after teaching a minimum of 15 hours for two consecutive semesters
·    Credit adjunct instructors after teaching for two consecutive semesters

An Open House with registration for all MCCC summer camps will be held on Sunday, Feb. 9, noon to 3 p.m.  Snow date is Feb. 16.  For further information call Sharon Vlasac at 586-4800 ext. 3267.
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IPIC Workshops a Big Success
More than 300 faculty and staff members attended over 25 workshops offered through the Instruction and Professional Improvement Committee's efforts during pre-class week. "This was a very exciting response to our initiative," said committee member Debbie Kell.  "Session evaluation forms indicated that attendees were pleased."  This was the third such event and the attendance has grown each semester.

Many of the sessions focused on computer training.  "The committee was happy to help support the new hardware and software that faculty members are working with," Kell said.

Thanks are due to the many individuals who volunteered their time to conduct the sessions.  Most were faculty and staff members who prepared and taught the sessions.  "They did such a great job," Kell said.

There was just one glitch, when a scheduled presenter, Dr. Joel Latner, did not come to teach his session.  He expressed his apologies.  Kell said the session may be rescheduled for a future date.

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"Twelve Million Black Voices"
Gary Saretzky, an MCCC adjunct faculty member in photography, will present a lecture at the Noyes Museum of Art on Feb. 25 at 7 p.m., held in conjunction with an exhibit of photographs, "Small Towns, Black Lives: African American Communities in Southern New Jersey."  The exhibition, by Wendel A. White, runs until April 27.  The museum is located on Lily Lake Road in the Oceanville section of Galloway Township, N.J.  Their number is (609) 652-8848.

"Twelve Million Black Voices" (1941), the third book by renowned African American author Richard Wright, closely followed his best selling novel, "Native Son."   Saretzky's slide lecture explains how the book came to be published and explores several political and  aesthetic controversies about its content and design.
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College Assembly
Bill Baroni, chairman of the MCCC Board of Trustees, welcomed and thanked the staff and faculty for their hard work.  "We value you as a group and we value you as individuals.  I look forward to working with each of you over the next year to continue to make Mercer the best place to work in the future.  Come to the board and tell us what you are doing."

Dr. Rose said he tried to make a list of who to give special thanks to, and it grew so long he realized it would encompass everyone on the staff and faculty.  So he asked everyone to stand to receive his thanks.  Dr. Rose described the reorganization of the Liberal Arts Division.  "We are delighted Tom [Wilfrid] is back fully running the instructional division and I thank those who helped during the transitional period."

Dr. Rose announced that Mark Meara has been appointed Dean of Technology Services.  Meara is a 1983 Mercer alumnus with a degree in architecture.  He earned a B.A. and M.A. and started a business named PInG in Princeton. 

The deans introduced new staff members.

Dr. Rose next reported on facilities:  "The Conference Center is almost completed.  I think it will be a tremendous boost not only to the college but to the community.  We see this having potential as an additional source of revenue for the college in what may be a tight budget over the next few years.

"We have been working on the two lecture halls in CM107 and CM110.  Drop ceilings, heating, lighting, new chairs, paint and sound paneling…  The goal is to take 108 and 109 and do the same thing."  Dr. Rose said the WW library is receiving new carpeting and paint, and the computer center in the library has been expanded from 54 computers to 74.

Enrollment for the spring semester is up over last year's spring enrollment.  [As of Jan. 23 the figure was 10.38% people; 12% full-time-equivalency, according to Don Beach.]

Dr. Rose presented budget news:  "We hear from the state that the budget may be worse off this year than last year.  We hoped we might get another $5 million divided among 19 colleges, or $250,000 for this institution.  We haven’t heard that they are taking money away but the picture across the nation is not real positive.  The state has treated us fairly as we know we have a governor who is concerned about higher education.  We are hoping that will continue.

"I am excited about where we are and optimistic we will maintain what we have, which I think in this economy is ahead of the game."

Provost Beverly Richardson spoke about the new Strategic Plan: "Now our Strategic Plan is complete.  It is a living document that will be monitored, reviewed, revised when needed and implemented over the next few years.  It is a blueprint for where we are going.

"The highest priority is to support students in their pursuit of educational and career goals.  To that end the college is committed to the following:  Teaching and Learning; Outcomes Assessment; Services Supporting Student Success; Faculty/Staff Professional Development; Information Technology; Partnership and Community Outreach; and Facilities.

"Dr. Carol Tosh and I developed a seven-step process that begins by requiring the responsible administrators (outlined in the plan) to review area objectives and identify specific tasks and a lead person for each…

"Dean Al Porter and Professor Al Leister have been asked to join us at our responsible administrator meetings since they are co-chairs of the Middle States project and will be responsible for developing the self-study for Middle States accreditation.  There is a very important relationship between the Strategic Plan and Middle States.

"You are all very key in the success of implementing our Strategic Plan and we will be asking all of you to become involved on some level.  Please review the plan as soon as you can."  [Click here to see the Strategic Plan online.]

Dr. Rose said "Part of the success of the new plan is feeling a commitment to something you had a part of, and that is why it is so important.  We will be trying to integrate the plan with the Middle States study."

Dean Al Porter:  "We had a work group chaired by Al Leister, Pam Price and Linda Bregstein.  We successfully put together a plan for a achieving the ultimate goal, which is ten-year reaccreditation.  Joanna Durso and Linda Bregstein went to Boston and Al Leister spent time studying the guidelines.  There are 14 standards.  The principal differences are that the organizational structure is different.  Outcomes assessment is a specific mission of the institution.  We have a long way to go.  We want to tap into existing groups and not have a lot of new meetings."

Dean Mark Meara gave a status report on technology changes at Mercer.  "The new website was launched just after Thanksgiving.  One of the things that we did was re-architect all of the information in the website and be intuitive to the user.  We updated many images on the site such as the campus map.

"This was the first semester where grades were not mailed out and students were encouraged to get their grades through the website.

"We hope to launch the Intranet soon. This will be a central portal for all employees of Mercer to improve internal communication.  It's branded the 'MLink.'  We hope the MLink will be an exciting source of information."

Dr. Rose reported on two new program initiatives.  "Late last fall we put together the Utility Technology Program with the Trenton schools and PSE&G.  Students will work at PSE&G in the summer for $18 an hour.

"There is a new Classroom Educator Certificate program where there is a commitment for the schools to upgrade the skills of teacher aides.  There are now 75 students registered for the program.

"In February the Division of Corporate and Community Programs will be moving and we'll take a look at the Administration Building.  One plan is to add five classrooms on the main level and there is money set aside.  In the ES Building we will be looking at expanding the HRI program.  We will also be moving to upgrade faculty offices over the next two years. In Enrollment Services we want to enhance the appearance of the facility and work environment.

"Our commitment is to ensure that this continues to be an outstanding teaching institution where student learning and student success clearly illustrate that the students are the centerpiece of our table. 

"Our human resources are all of you, so we can do anything we want to do.  I would like all of us to become aware and make a commitment to build that supportive environment for each other and our students and for the community that we serve.  I want you to model what we say in our public relations campaign:  'Mercer is your best choice.'

"It's the best choice not only for our students but for all of us.  I wish you well in the year ahead.  We will make this institution even better than what it has been in the past and together with all of you this will be done.

"I thank you for last year and I wish you all the very best for this year."

Dr. Rose gave updates on coming events, including the Jan. 15 ribbon cutting to open the Mercer County Holocaust/Genocide Research Center and the Jan. 18 basketball Hall of Fame celebration. [Note:  photos and article about the Hall of Fame event will be up on the "what's new" section of the website by next Wednesday.]
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Edgar Endress, Assistant Professor, Computer Graphics
James Boyce, Teaching Assistant, NET/Graphics
Charles Gallagher, Teaching Assistant, Television
Carol Mendenko, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Margaret Cosentino, Events Planner, Conference Center at Mercer
Hareesh Reddy Akanambadu, Systems Analyst, Technology Services
Darien Cleveland, Network Engineer, Technology Services
Rafael Cortes, Network Engineer, Technology Services
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Title Changes
Nunzio Cernero, from Acting Assistant Dean for Training and Development to Assistant Dean for Training and Development.
Lynn Coopersmith, from Acting Associate Dean for Business and Community Programs to Associate Dean for Business and Community Programs.
Delores Eleazer, from Acting Assistant Director for Workforce Readiness to Assistant Director for Workforce Readiness.
Bryan O’Neal from Acting Manager, Systems and Operations to Manager, Systems and Operations.
Olufunke Ogunbodede from Acting Director for ABE/GED to Director for ABE/GED.
Arlene Stinson, from Acting Director of Academic Support Services to Director of Academic Support Services.
Elaine Weinberg, from Acting Director, Training and Development to Director, Training and Development.
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Retirees' Luncheon
On February 19 at 1 p.m. the MCCC retirees will meet for lunch at Sunny Gardens.  As Helen Marie Dolton will be on vacation, please call Mary McCullough at 771-9739 by the 17th to let her know if you will attend.
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