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E-Bulletin of April 28, 2003
a newsletter for staff and faculty of Mercer County Community College

Table of Contents Corporate Ethics Seminar
The Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce will charge its chamber rate ($35) to MCCC staff members who wish to attend a seminar, "Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility: The Call for Leadership."  It will be held at the MCCC Conference Center on Tuesday, May 6, 9 to 10:30 a.m.

The Chamber says, "In the wake of accounting scandals, abuses of executive power and structural conflicts of interest, regional leaders are re-examining the issues and impact of corporate ethics and social responsibility in their organizations. Three renowned experts will address the philosophical rationales, the benefits and the difficulties that every organization must face in defining their own roles in society."  The panelists will be Dr. Edwin Hartman, director, The Prudential Business Ethics Center at Rutgers; Robert Ray, partner, Pitney, Hardin, Kipp and Szuch LLP; and Bob Franks, executive director, Healthcare Institute of New Jersey.

If you are interested in more information, e-mail saveria@mccc.edu for a copy of the flyer with registration form, or call the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce at 609-520-1776.
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Jazz Band Concert
The public is invited to a free spring concert by the college’s Jazz Band on Wed., May 7, 8 p.m., at Kelsey Theatre.  Directed by James Kelly, the band will present a varied and exciting program ranging in style from standard classics such as "Sunday Kind of Love" and "Take the A Train" to the mid-seventies funk of "What is Hip?"  Other selections will include "Kansas City" and the Latin tinged "Open Sesame."  All selections will feature outstanding student vocalists and instrumental soloists. 
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Ceremony Dates
The James Kerney Campus will host a "Celebration of Academic Achievement" for students in its many programs on Tuesday, May 13, 6 p.m. at Trenton’s Marriott Hotel in downtown Trenton.

Honors Convocation this year will be held at 3 p.m. sharp in Kelsey Theatre on graduation day, May 30.
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Richardson to Receive "Cherish the Children" Award
Beverly Richardson, provost of the James Kerney Campus, will receive the annual "Cherish the Children" award from the Cherish the Children Foundation, the Mercer County Office of the N.J. Division of Youth and Family Services, and the Mercer County Commission on Abused, Neglected and Missing Children at a dinner on April 30 at the Baldassari Regency in Trenton.  
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New Tuition Refund Policy
The MCCC Board of Trustees has approved changes to the college's Tuition Refund Policy.  According to Dean of Technology Services Mark Meara, the college is in the process of ensuring that all systems and college publications correctly reflect the new policy.  "Staff, advisors and faculty should understand the updated policy to ensure that it is properly administered and communicated to students."  You can read the revised policy here .
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MCCC Staff Goes "FISH"ing
About 70 Mercer staffers joined community and corporate guests for a full-day conference called "FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results" at our new Conference Center on April 24.   The upbeat seminar was inspired by the world-famous Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market, where fishmongers bring an incredible enthusiasm to work every day despite poor working conditions. 

Harry Paul, best-selling author of "FISH!" and "FISH! TALES," offered a lighthearted look at keeping employees energized and motivated.  Main points included "Choosing Your Attitude," "Being Present," and "Making Their Day."  We should have so much fun at work, we should be able to say "Thank God it’s Monday," Paul said.  (He admitted that was a stretch.)  Like the fishmongers in Seattle, who try to make everyone's day with their playful antics, "we can make the world a better place one transaction at a time."

Afternoon breakout sessions were led by President Robert Rose, Assistant Dean Nunzio Cernero, Director of Human Resources Vanessa Wilson, and three guest presenters.  Conference coordinator Lorna Burt Strang said the program evaluations were very positive.   Photo
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Appreciation Luncheon
Eighty members of MCCC's administrative staff enjoyed an "Administrative Professional's Week" luncheon on Friday, April 25.  Dr. Rose gave a brief presentation and Georgia Donovan of "The Clothes Doctor" talked about making the most of clothing, makeup and hair styles.  Lunch included chicken cordon bleu and salmon, pastries and other desserts.  Committee members were Jan Alu, Diane Badessa, Barbara Marx, Marie Mendez, JoAnne Rosso, Lynn Steill and Elaine Stout.
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HRI Students Practice Their Crafts
Mercer's Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management students prepared a beautiful dinner on April 23 for nearly 200 of the college’s Advisory Commission volunteers.  See photos.
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Horne Writes for Encyclopedia
Professor Peter Horne, coordinator of the Criminal Justice Program, has just written an entry for the new Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement (Sage Publications), to be published in early 2004.  Horne was asked to write 3,000 words concerning "special jurisdiction law enforcement agencies."
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Staff Volunteers at Titans Night
Mercer staffers volunteered at the Sovereign Bank Arena when the college hosted "MCCC Night" to spread the word about our programs.  See photos .
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Women's Tennis Team Heads for Nationals
The Mercer Women's Tennis Team heads to College Station, TX, on May 3 to defend its national title.  According to Head Coach Mark Vecchiolla, the women have been hard at work since January preparing for the tournament.  The team won its sixth consecutive regional championship in the fall.  Unfortunately the Vikings head for the nationals with only five of the eight players from the fall season. With eligibility based on the roster at the end of the fall season, it's not possible to fill in those spots with other players.  

Vecchiolla has considered this to be a rebuilding year.  "I think we are fortunate to be going to the national tournament and I’m hoping that it will be a good time and a good learning experience," he said.  Noting that four of his five players should be returning next fall, he is counting on this trip to Texas to give his team the experience of playing in the nationals and preparing it for a competitive season in 2003-2004.  See photo .
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Baseball Team To Play in Tournament
Come out and root for the home team this Friday, May 2, when the Mercer Baseball Team plays its first game in the Region 19 Tournament at the Mercer fields.  Game time is 11 a.m. 

According to Head Coach Randy Voorhees, the Vikings have performed well this season and have grown as a team.   After some tough losses early on, they settled into a winning pattern that earned them a first-place ranking in Region 19 and the Garden State Athletic Conference with a 17-9 record.
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Staff Changes
New staff member:  Carol Hoppock, Administrative Secretary II, Security, Maintenance & Grounds.

Promotion:  Ken Miller, Maintenance Dept., promoted to Supervising Team Leader.
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Retirees' Luncheon
MCCC retirees will meet for lunch at Sunny Gardens on Wed., May 21.  Please call Helen Marie Dolton at 882-5086 by May 19 to let her know if you will attend.  Dolton said ten to fifteen have been getting together every month to catch up on news and have a good time.
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