E-Bulletin of August 24, 2004

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AD Classes Moved
Because of construction delays, four classes scheduled in the new classrooms being built on the first floor of the Administration building will be moved to temporary quarters for the first week of classes. Three classes will be moved to the Conference Center (MC) and one to the Student Center (SC), as listed below.

AD 119 to MC 214
AD120 to MC 213
AD 121 to MC 116
AD 131 to SC 108

The 2004 Entertainment Tech Conference
Enthusiastic committee members have put together an amazing schedule of events for MCCC's second annual Entertainment Technology Conference, set for Sept. 23 and 24 at the Conference Center. The two-day event will feature training in six topic areas for professionals and students. Featured speakers will be Elizabeth G. Christopherson, executive director of New Jersey Network; former county executive Robert D. Prunetti, now president of Trenton-based Phoenix Ventures and East Coast spokesperson for Manex Entertainment; and Pete Putman, president of ROAM Consulting, Inc.

Visit www.entech.mccc.edu or contact Dr. Michael Glass at ext. 3530 for more informati

Dr. Wilfrid Appointed to National ETS Council
Educational Testing Service has appointed Dr. Thomas Wilfrid to a newly formed ETS National Community College Advisory Council. His appointment letter states: "As ETS plans new services and products to serve community colleges, we know that we have a great deal to learn from those of you who have devoted your professional lives to the community college movement."

An added bonus will be an ETS scholarship fund at Mercer. For each year of Dr. Wilfrid's service on the council, ETS will contribute $3,000.

Wild West Roundup
Mark your calendar now and get ready to kick up your heels at the Wild West Roundup, coming Friday, Oct. 15, 6 to 10 p.m. at the Student Center. All MCCC staff members and their adult guests are invited. Dress in your country duds (optional), grab a pardner and enjoy dancing the Texas two-step to Elwood Bunn's Country Jubilee band. You'll chow down at the Chuckwagon BBQ.

Cost is $25 per person. RSVP to Elaine Stout by Oct. 1 at ext. 3607.

Fine Art Classes Offered at Artworks
The college begins offering credit and noncredit fine art classes at Artworks in Trenton this semester. Most of the noncredit offerings begin in early September. There are introductory classes in painting, drawing and pastels, and specialized classes in bookbinding, large format photography, printmaking, portrait and figure painting, watercolor painting, photo silk-screen and mixed media collage, painting with encaustic, and mold-making and resin casting. There is even a yoga class open to artists and others to "de-stress" and condition.

Artworks is located across from the DMV building on Stockton Street, just off the Market Street exit of Route 1. Course descriptions are included in the noncredit course bulletin. To register call (609) 586-9446. More

Blinderman, Science and Civic Engagement
Students in Laura Blinderman’s biology class will be learning science in an exciting new way this fall. Blinderman will be engaging students by focusing on issues such as HIV and AIDS, organ transplantation, stem-cell research and cancer. She will be applying concepts learned this summer through her participation in a residential institute with the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement.

Blinderman joined representatives from 87 other institutions at Santa Clara University in California as part of a national initiative called Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities (SENCER), which promotes reform through faculty development. More

Popcorn Rewards
Students who stand in line at the bookstore waiting to check out will be treated to free bags of popcorn on August 30. The MCCC bookstore wants to be "user friendly" and will be offering various promotions throughout the semester.

Fitness Opportunities
Beginning Sunday, Sept. 19, MCCC will offer courses for fitness training. "Certified Personal Trainer" meets for six sessions, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. "Cardio-Boxx" meets for one session, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. "Functional Flexibility Workshop" meets for one session, 2 to 5 p.m. For more information call Sharon Vlasac at ext. 3267 or email vlasacs@mccc.edu.

MCCC Night at the Stadium
The Mercer Viking conquered fans at Waterfront Park on August 12, when the college hosted MCCC Night. Mercer audio and video clips were aired and volunteers from the staff and the Student Government Association manned a table with literature. According to Lynn Holl,"We were a major presence on the concourse and many people stopped for literature. It was a beautiful night despite predictions of rain."

Staff and volunteers got a surprise visit from Zinna Kusnerik, who retired about 15 years ago from MCCC's Athletics Department. Kusnerik, who worked at MCCC for many years, was responsible for all of the college's sports equipment. She washed the uniforms and generally boosted the athletes. According to Bob Pugh, she even traveled with the teams and was featured in newspaper articles. "She loved the kids, took care of everyone," Pugh said. "She made scrapbooks for all of us that I still have."


Art Teachers Needed for Summer 2005
Sharon Vlasac is looking for art teachers to work next summer at Camp College, teaching children ages 7-14. The teachers will conduct a variety of one-week, half-day art camps. Schedules are flexible. Anyone interested should contact campcollege@mccc.edu or call Vlasac at ext. 3267.

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