E-Bulletin of August 17, 2004

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WebCT Training to Boost Online Courses
Seven MCCC faculty members attended training in the use of WebCT (Web Course Tools) software recently at NJIT. The college uses WebCT to support all of its online courses and, more recently, some blended or hybrid courses. Blended courses take advantage of both face-to-face traditional instruction and online (or video) instruction and combine regular classroom meetings with online activities. Several faculty members are planning blended courses for the fall, including Kristen Callahan (information technology), Kay Eaton (English), Christanne Smith Harrison (nutrition), and Josie Mathias (business).

According to Debbie Kell "The training program at NJIT was very valuable because it was intensive and provided a wide range of experiences with the WebCT program. The training also addressed some of the research related to distance learning and its implications, considerations involved in moving a course online, and the importance of designing authentic assessment of student learning for the online classroom. Faculty who attended this training will feel more confident as they build their own courses."

Attendees were: Craig Coenan, Elizabeth DeGiorgio, Kay Eaton, Heather Jennings, Debbie Kell, Mark McCormick and Bill Petrosky.

Joan Goldstein Featured in The Packet
An excellent feature article in The Packet detailed Joan Goldstein's recent trip to Romania and her search for her family's roots. The New Jersey Jewish News (July 20) also did an article about Goldstein's journey however it is not online.

Mel Leipzig Photographed with Hillary Clinton
During the Democratic Mayor's Conference in mid July at Ellarslie in Trenton, Mel Leipzig was photographed with Hillary Rodham Clinton in front of his painting, "Staircase at Ellarslie," which depicts Ellarslie Director Brian Hill. See the photo.

How to Improve Camp College
Sharon Vlasac asked for student suggestions on how to improve Camp College. Here are some of their great ideas with Vlasac's comments:

us play in the rain." (And we complain when a few drops fall.)
"Longer recess." (They learn at a young age to appreciate the lunch break.)
"Put in more classes." (I say we take over the entire campus.)
"Give us a little more time in our classes" and "Make classes shorter." (Can't please everyone.)
"Nothing it's perfect!"
"Make a playground."
"More chewing gum." (It isn't permitted at camp.)
"Don't put everything on the second and third floor." (Complaining about a little exercise already.)
"Free cell phones."
"Open a camp in New Brunswick."
"Make lunch sooner." (12:15pm is too late!!!)

Radio Station Gives Free Lunch
When Stacy Hahn, a new administrative secretary at the Conference Center, entered an online contest for a complete office luncheon, she never expected to hear from radio station WPST again. To her surprise, they called a week later to say she won. Station employees came to campus on Aug. 11 with grills and lots of hamburgers, hot dogs, soda, chips and cookies for everyone at the Conference Center. Photos

Tomato Patch Performs
Photos are in from the Tomato Patch Visual and Performing Arts camp's final performances.

Afrikan Solidarity Committee Weekend
Celebrating the Afrikan Solidarity Committee's 20th anniversary, three weekend events are planned. Call 392-7383 for more information.

Fri., Aug. 27, 6 to 10 p.m.: "Voices of Youth Speak Out" at the MCCC James Kerney Campus. There will be a competition for teens between the ages of 13 and 19 for poets, rappers, singers and those who do monologues. A cash prize will be awarded.

Sat., Aug. 28, noon to 3 p.m.: "Educational Fund and Tribute Luncheon" at Imani Community Church to honor Jackie Turner, former Trenton Recreation Director. (Tickets are $25 for the luncheon.)

Sun., Aug. 29, 2 to 9 p.m.: "Solidarity Day" at Cadwallader Park to include children's activities and entertainment, music, vending and art.

Enjoy the Beauty of Song
Judy Katz of Purchasing, a member of the Millstone Valley Chorus, invites everyone to a concert on Sunday, Sept. 26 at 3 p.m. in the Yvonne Theater at Rider University in Lawrenceville. Ticket prices are $12 for children under 12, $15 for Seniors (65 and over) and $18 for adults. Tickets should be purchased in advance since the concerts usually sell out. Contact Judy Katz at ext. 3252 or katzj@mccc.edu for tickets or further information.

Katz has been a member of the women's chorus for 13 years, part of Sweet Adelines International. They perform four-part harmony, a cappella.

Retirees to Meet Sept. 15
All MCCC retirees are invited to get together for lunch on Wed., Sept. 15, 1 p.m. at Sunny Gardens. Call Helen Marie Dolton by Sept. 14 so she can make your reservation: 609-882-5086.

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