E-Bulletin of December 17, 2004

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Champion Soccer Team Honored
The college honored Mercer's soccer team, winners of the national title, on Dec. 9. The players each received a commemorative plaque and T-shirts that said "MCCC Soccer; NJCAA National Champions 2004." All the assistant coaches participated in the ceremony, as well as a member of the Board of Trustees, Bob De Falco, and a Foundation Board member, Timothy Losch.

As part of Dr. Rose's comments he said: "We have such a wonderful athletic program here that sometimes we take for granted that we are national champions. Let me tell you, there is nothing natural about winning a national title. One team wins it and this year it’s MCCC. It is a culmination of hard work, dedication, skillful coaching and sometimes even a little luck." More

Party for Retiring Staffers Set for Jan. 20
On Jan. 20 the college will host a retirement party for those who will retire this year. There will be a 6 p.m. wine and cheese reception in the Conference Center, recognition from the Board of Trustees, then dinner and music in the Student Center Dining Room. Please RSVP by Jan. 7 to Joan DeLucia at ext. 3270. A list of retirees is coming soon.

New Way for Students to Defer Payment
Check out a new posting on the college website that describes a new payment option for students who want to make monthly payments on their tuition.

Food and Business Classes Collaborate
Carol Weber's International Business Practice Firm class and Chris dePagnier's Food and Culture class got together for a unique collaborative project this semester. The business students researched and presented talks on doing business in Mexico and Colombia. The culinary students sat in on the lectures and asked a lot of questions. Then they invited the business students to their kitchen for a luncheon of traditional foods of those two countries, plus many others, including Liberia, Russia, Germany, Spain and Mexico. The culinary students each chose a country and used many of their own families as sources of recipes and traditions.

"What I liked the best was the engagement between the two classes," Weber said. "The students enjoyed their projects and wanted to share them. We hope to expand on this next year."

Multi-Talented MCCC Staffers Fill in as Announcers
On Dec. 4 our newest campus club, NextGenTV, taped the women’s basketball game vs. Salem CC. According to Valarie Daniels, "Our student announcers weren’t available, and the professional announcer we were expecting as a replacement didn’t show. With the game about to start we didn’t have an announcer for our broadcast. Whatever were we to do? Would no one save us? Never fear, two heroes came through and saved the day!"

Who were the heroes? See attached photos to find out.

Bookstore Offers Free MCCC Car Decals
Beginning Jan. 10 the MCCC Bookstore will offer car decals to the first 500 customers. The stickers say "Mercer County Community College" and are suitable for the back windshield.

Update from the English Language Institute
So far this fiscal year, from July 1 to Nov. 30, students from the English Language Institute studying at Mercer represent 35 different countries. Of these, 13 are countries where Spanish is the native language, and these students make up 69% of the institute's student population. The balance come from 22 other countries. Examples of the wide variety of countries include Afghanistan, Bosnia, China, Guinea, India, Liberia, Morocco, Peru, Russia, Sudan, Turkey, Venezuela and Vietnam.

New Legislative Service from the NJCCC
The New Jersey Council of County Colleges has created a new tool that students, alumni, faculty, staff, trustees and concerned citizens can use to advocate on behalf of New Jersey’s 19 community colleges. The Legislative Action Center on the NJCCC web site enables users to easily send e-mails to their local state legislators.

Says Dr. Lawrence A. Nespoli, Council president, "The Council of County Colleges welcomes the help of all community college students, alumni, employees, trustees and concerned citizens in telling their legislators how important community colleges are to them. This new tool allows interested community college stake holders to quickly send e-mails to their local state legislators, providing much-needed feedback to important legislative decision makers at the state level."

To use the Center, click here, then choose a community college issue that is important to you. Enter your name, address, e-mail address, your community college and your affiliation to that college. The web site will automatically identify and send e-mails to your representatives based on your street address and zip code. For more information about the Council’s Legislative Action Center, please call Jacob Farbman at (609) 392-3434 or send email to jfarbman@njccc.org.

Students Raise Funds/Make Major Donations
The MCCC Student Activities Board has made significant contributions to area charities this fall. Recently they presented a $400 check to the American Heart Association and a $1,000 check to Operation Smile. Photos (courtesy of Robert Delgado)

Staff/Student Help in an Emergency
The story below was contributed by Laurene Jones:
"Last Friday, I left campus with co-worker Cherie Smith to attend a conference. We were about a mile from the college when we witnessed an accident right in front of us. I stopped the car, as I was driving, called the police and helped the drivers of the two vehicles who were very shaken up. We ended up spending more than a half hour with them until everything was taken care of. During this time, another car stopped and asked if everything was OK. It was a Mercer student who stayed with us, holding an umbrella over the head of one of the drivers involved in the accident and helping to comfort her. I was amazed at the maturity and good citizenship of a 19 year old who took the time to stay with us and make sure everything was OK. I recognized him as someone I had seen for transfer counseling. His name is David Bethea and he is truly a gem.

An Italian-American Story
MCCC staff member, Gianni Toto, is often asked about his background and his journey to America. Born in Pettoranello Di Molise, Italy, he spent his early years there, and remained there with his grandparents and aunt even after his parents and older sisters got settled in the U.S. At the age of seven he traveled to the US alone to join his family in New Jersey.

Toto attended school in Hamilton Township and graduated from MCCC in 2002. Although he started learning "British English" as a young child, he worked hard through the years to perfect his English pronunciation. He continued his education at Thomas Edison State College and earned a B.A. in education. After working part time here at MCCC, he became a full-time staff member two years ago and is now assistant to the director of Enrollment Services, working in both International Student Services and ESL programs.

Toto has returned to his home town in Italy twice, most recently this past October, when he traveled there with his father and visited many relatives. His home town is a "Sister City" with Princeton, NJ, and is located in the mountains between Rome and Naples. The town, which now has only 380 residents, Toto describes as very quiet and very old, but beautiful.

According to an article in the Town Topics, a foundation in Princeton called the Princeton/Pettoranello Foundation offers scholarships, language studies and other cultural opportunities and manages the Pettoranello Gardens.

A Christmas Story Reviewed Online
The Advance of Bucks County reviews A Christmas Story here. You can still catch the show today through Sunday at Kelsey Theatre.

Retirees will Meet Jan 19
The MCCC Retirees will meet for lunch at Sunny Gardens on Jan. 19 at 1 p.m. Call Helen Marie Dolton to make your reservation by the 17th at 882-5086.

Q. What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?
A. Claustrophobic!

Q. What kind of bird can write?
A. A penguin.

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