E-Bulletin of August 29, 2005

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The College Assembly of Aug. 24
Chairperson Kathi Paluscio got a standing ovation for her delightful story about "Bo." She asked all to participate by reading the story out loud as she projected it on a screen. With her down-home crayon drawings and low-tech presentation, the story's charm and humor came shining through. (Bo started his college education at Giant U, floundered, and found success here at Mercer.) Everyone enjoyed a good laugh and a feeling of accomplishment.

Administrators introduced forty-five new staff and faculty members and projected their photos. A future E-Bulletin will provide more information about them.

Board Chair Anthony Cimino presented an update. He congratulated all the new staff and faculty members and complimented all for a job well done.

Amy Iseneker reminded everyone about the Heart Walk, set for Sept. 17 at 10 a.m. at Mercer County Park. Registration begins at 8 a.m. Survivors of heart problems will receive a red T-shirt, while other walkers will receive a white shirt. The MCCC staffer who raises the most money will receive a prize.

HR Director Vanessa Wilson said the professional job study will be released in September. October is open enrollment month for making a change in your benefits. If you did not attend a harassment workshop last year, you are required to attend one. A schedule of these workshops was included in a package of information given to each staff member.

Presenting a look ahead to 2005-06, Vice President Beverly Richardson reviewed the college's goals and objectives. Presenting the goals and objectives of other areas of the college were Dean Mark McCormick for Academic Affairs, Dean Diane Campbell for Enrollment and Student Services, Assistant to the Provost Jacky Sanders for the James Kerney Campus, and Dean Mark Meara for IT Services and the Conference Center.

Following the assembly all enjoyed a delicious barbeque to kick off the new school year.

Walk Around the World Fitness Challenge
About 75 staff members were eager to start wearing their new pedometers, distributed on Aug. 24 at the IPIC offering "Walk Around the World Fitness Challenge." Three faculty members who are fitness enthusiasts, John Kalinowski, Bob Pugh, and Helen Tanzini, encouraged all to do more walking in the course of their days.

To assess your progress, try this test. Walk one mile on a flat surface as quickly as possible and record your time.
For men: Excellent = 10:12 minutes; Good = 10:13 to 11:42; High Average = 11:43 to 13:13, and Low Average =13:14 to 14:44.

For women: Excellent = 11:41 to 13:08; Good = 13:09 to 14:31; High Avr. = 13:09 to 14:36; Low Avr. = 14.37-16.04.

Some advice from the instructors included: drink lots of water, warm up and cool down gradually, exercise early on hot and humid days, and dress in layers with hat and gloves in cold weather. You should be able to talk or sing while you walk. If you can't you're overdoing it.

Staff members are working on an MLink site where everyone can record their mileage. Stay tuned for updates on that. The distance around the world is 66,000,000 steps, or 24,901 miles, and after that, according to Helen Tanzini, we'll try for the moon!

If you missed the class but would like to participate, Bob Pugh has some extra pedometers. Call him at ext. 3230.

IPIC Class: Food as a Bridge to Cultural Understanding
When you're at a restaurant in another country, how do you get the server's attention? Depending on where you are, you might need to bang on the table, extend your arm with palm down, or clap. Chris dePagnier suggested these and a long list of other appropriate moves at a class called "Food as a Bridge to Cultural Understanding," an IPIC pre-class week offering. Doug Fee taught participants how to prepare a Middle Eastern flatbread called "lavash," and all were treated to Moroccan tangine of chicken with olives and preserved lemons. Photos

Mel Leipzig Unveils New Paintings
Three new paintings by Mel Leipzig, featuring MCCC's Studio Theatre, were on display at the theatre Aug. 25 during a going-away party for Nick Anselmo. All three paintings include student actors rehearsing for a reading of Ibsen plays, along with Nick and his wife Erica. The performance took place last February at ARTWORKS.

These and many more Leipzig paintings will be part of a retrospective at the Gallery Henoch, 555 West 25th Street, New York, from Nov. 10 to Dec. 3. (Click on "calendar" at the Gallery Henoch website for a preview.)


Student Orientation Draws a Crowd
Attendance was up at student orientation sessions this year, according to Student Activities Director Danielle Garruba. More than 600 students attended sessions at Kelsey Theatre on both Aug. 22 and 25.

An opening video, prepared by teaching assistant Valarie Daniels with some footage taken by students, highlighted four aspects of the college at both campuses: academics and learning, student activities, facilities, and community involvement.

SGA Vice President Toni-Ann Meikle served as MC. Speakers were Dr. Beverly Richardson, Dr. Diane Dampbell, and Pamela Price. A Power Point presentation acquainted students with the college and our many services. After a question and answer session and lunch, students met with deans and program advisors. All received a package of information.

Bye Bye Birdie Coming to Kelsey
Pucker up for “one last kiss” and let the fun begin. “Bye Bye Birdie” starts off the 2005-06 season at Kelsey Theatre on Sept. 16. This celebrated homage to early rock and roll and life in small town America is presented by The Pennington Players on Fridays and Saturdays, Sept. 16, 17, 23, and 24 at 8 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays, Sept. 17, 18, 24 and 25 at 2 p.m. (Due to the show’s expected appeal, matinees have been scheduled for both Saturdays and Sundays.) An opening night reception follows the Sept. 16 performance to give the audience a chance to enjoy refreshments with the cast and crew.

Retirees to Meet
The MCCC retirees will meet for lunch at Sunny Gardens on Sept. 21 at 1 p.m. RSVP to Helen Marie Dolton at 882-5086 by Sept. 19.

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