E-Bulletin of August 4, 2005

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Union Picnic Fosters Unity
Three MCCC unions (the Professional Staff Federation, the Federation of Secretarial, Clerical and Technical Employees, and the Custodial, Maintenance, Food Service and Security Employees) joined together for a "Unity B-B-Q" at the Gazebo on July 28. The group was joined by state union representatives who came to meet the staff. Everyone was invited to attend, and more than 125 people enjoyed the event. The 98 degree weather broke just in time for a beautiful day.

Many volunteers helped cook and serve. Special thanks go to Joan DeLucia and Michele Palang, who did the planning and much of the volunteer work to make the event a success. Excellent food was provided with the help of Jackie Dunn. The "Best Dessert" contest was won by Barbara Marx, with her "Death by Chocolate," a mixture of chocolate cake, whipped cream and chocolate chips. The maintenance and security staff members drove people and supplies around the campus to facilitate event preparations.

According to Maria Tazza, president of the Professional Staff Federation, "We wanted everyone to take a break and get together and enjoy this event." Photos

Behrens Publishes Second Edition
FA Davis Co. in Philadelphia has just published the second edition of Barbara Behren's book "Physical Agents, Theory and Practice." The book was introduced at the Annual Conference of the American Physical Therapy Association in Boston in June, where interested educators pre-ordered several hundred copies.

Behrens said, "We will be using the text this fall with our own students in the Physical Therapist Assistant program for our Physical Agents course (PTA 211). The first edition of the text was the number one text used in over 250 PTA programs across the nation and translated into six languages."

The illustrations were done by MCCC graphic design graduate Larry Petraccaro, and the text's cover and internal art feature some of Behrens own photography of a Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. PTA program graduates were models for the cover and inside photos. "My next project is the companion second edition of the Lab Manual, which is also greatly anticipated by the field. So it's back to the grindstone for me!" said Behrens. Book Cover and Photo

The Times Publishes Story About High Schoolers at MCCC
On Sunday, July 30, The Times published this story on page one about high schoolers taking college courses at MCCC. Click on the title. "Charting a tougher course."

Camp College Bake Sale
Bakers and buyers are needed for the Camp College bake sale on Wednesday, Aug. 10. The sale coincides with Grandparents Day. All profits will be donated to the college's fund for the American Heart Association Walk. If you would like to donate baked goods, you can drop them off in the Student Center after 8:30 a.m. that day, or to the camp office if you are here earlier, in SC146, which opens at 7:30 a.m.

Poet Performs on Campus
Poet Chris Cook, also known as Flowmentalz, visited the college on July 29 to perform his poetry for two classes of EOF/PASS students on campus for orientation. Cook says he writes poetry to keep people awake. He has performed nationwide, including on HBO’s DEF Poetry Jam.

About 34 EOF/PASS students are on campus this summer learning techniques to help them succeed in college, and building skills in English and mathematics. Photos and more

Staff Wins Free Lunch/Limo Ride
Michele Palang of the library has been rather lucky lately. She entered two online contests with radio station WPST and won both. The first was a free lunch for herself and five colleagues on July 28. A group of happy staff members enjoyed a very special round trip to Fezziwigs in a stretch limousine courtesy of the station. Then, she won a barbeque for 35 of her colleagues here at Mercer. A crew from WPST came to the gazebo on Aug. 3 to cook burgers, dogs and sausage, and supplied salads and cookies.

And then... through a contest with radio station WMMR she won a boat ride and concert on the Delaware River from Philadelphia.

So how did it happen? "Just luck of the draw," she said. "I don't usually enter contests, but my daughter listens to WPST and we went to the website and it said 'click here,' so we did."

Walk for Ovarian Cancer
Wendy Lancaster of Purchasing will be walking three miles for education and awareness of ovarian cancer. She said this disease has very quiet symptoms and often doesn't get diagnosed until a late stage. There is also no early detection test, making education and awareness very important. The walk will take place at Fairmount Park in Philadelphia on Sunday, Sept. 11, beginning at 9 a.m. Anyone interested in walking or making a donation of any size, please contact Wendy Lancaster at ext. 3249 in AD110.

Wine and Food Festival Coming to Campus
The New Jersey State Wine and Food Festival will be held at MCCC's West Windsor Campus Aug. 13 and 14 from noon to 5 p.m. The festival is presented by the Garden State Wine Growers Association in conjunction with the Central New Jersey chapter of Slow Food and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, and sponsored in part by Wegmans Wine & Spirits and Marriott Fairway Villas at Seaview. For details visit the website here.

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