E-Bulletin of October 7, 2004

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Bookstore Offers Halloween Raffle
Students who wear Halloween costumes to the MCCC Bookstore on Friday, October 29, will be eligible to enter a raffle to win a Sony CD Walkman with remote control! Spread the word!

Open House Oct. 20
Mercer will host an Open House for parents and college-bound high school students on Oct. 20. Representatives from four-year colleges will be here to talk about transferring to their schools. Please help to spread the word. More

Three "Distinguished Lectures" Coming Soon
Mercer is offering three lectures in October and November as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series. All staff, faculty, students and members of the community are welcome. There is no fee. All three lectures will be held from noon to 1:15 p.m. in the college's Communications Building, Room 110, West Windsor Campus.

  • On Thursday, Oct. 14, Mel Leipzig, MCCC professor of art and art history, will present “The Art of Flanders and Belgium.” Using a slide presentation, Leipzig will focus on the work of Flemish artists including VanEyck, Bosch, Brueghel, Rubens and VanDyck, as well as modern Belgian artists such as Magritte, Ensor and Delvaux. Flanders became part of the kingdom of Belgium in 1830 so there is a link between the art of Flanders and Belgium.
  • On Tuesday, Oct. 19, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, lecturer and radio program host, will give a talk entitled "The Lakota Indians and the American Experience." His presentation will include original poetry, song and a variety of handmade native American instruments. Ghosthorse, a member of the Cheyenne River Lakota Nation of South Dakota, is a long time indigenous rights advocate. He presents traditional and contemporary Lakota stories, flute and vocal songs, and Plains sign language. His flute and vocal performances are rich with informative and inspirational stories of historical and modern-day American Indian culture. Ghosthorse holds Bachelor's degrees in Native American Studies and Communications.
  • On Thursday, Nov. 4, Professor Francois Morel, professor of Geosciences at Princeton University and Director of the Princeton Environmental Institute, will present a lecture on "The Fertility of the Sea and the Cycles of Major and Trace Nutrients." The talk is based on his research on marine microorganisms and their interactions with the global flux of elements essential to life, such as carbon, nitrogen and iron. Professor Morel is a member of scientific boards throughout the world and an environmental consultant to private firms and public interest groups.

Share Your Best Practices
The 2005 New Jersey Council of County Colleges Best Practices Conference has released its call for proposals. Contact your statewide association chairperson or visit www.njccc.org/news.htm for a copy of the form. This is your opportunity to showcase the best and brightest ideas, solutions and programs on community college campuses in New Jersey at one of the premier events for community college administrators, staff and faculty. Deadline for submissions is November 12 for statewide association members, and November 22 for all proposals. Contact Gwen Moran at 732-280-7047 or email bestpractices@gwenmoran.com for further details.

Tom Wilfrid Appointed by ETS
Vice President Tom Wilfrid has been invited to become one of 17 charter members of the newly-formed Educational Testing Service National Community College Advisory Council. For each year of his service on the council ETS will contribute $3,000 to a scholarship fund for MCCC students.

Carr Appointed to Hospital Board
The State Board of Human Services has appointed Patricia Carr, professor of counseling/communication, to the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital's Board of Trustees.

Upward Bound Featured in NJN Guide
MCCC's Upward Bound program at the James Kerney Campus was featured in an article entitled "Upward Bound Program Comes to NJN" in New Jersey Network's October newsletter "The Guide." The first paragraph of the article states:

"NJN is providing hands-on work experience to high school students through the Mercer County Community College Upward Bound program at the James Kerney Campus. This educational program is designed to academically prepare and motivate students for successful postsecondary education. Students learn about career possibilities through academic counseling and work study experiences. NJN is providing students in the Upward Bound program with the opportunity to gain invaluable career guidance by working beside and observing NJN employees performing their daily job responsibilities."

The article goes on to describe the experiences of two Trenton High School students who were the first to complete their work-study experiences at NJN. In August they worked in almost every NJN department including production, editing, radio, news, graphics and engineering.

5K Run a Winner
The MCCC 5K Run drew a diverse crowd on Friday evening, Oct. 1. After the run all enjoyed hoagies and snacks. Event coordinator Wendy Humphrey said, "The weather was great, the music was lively, and the course was fast and flat. People were happy with the delicious refreshments and beverages, as well as the prizes.
This kind of event involves so many people – maintenance, security, graphic designers, athletics personnel, food service employees and numerous volunteers. Each of you took care of your end, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable evening for everyone who attended. We are also grateful to spouses who came out to volunteer. (The spouses get extra points.)" Photos

Voter Forum Draws Crowd/Publicity
About 150 people from diverse backgrounds attended the Oct. 1 forum "Election 2004: How will New Jersey Vote and Why" at the MCCC Conference Center. Held the morning after the first presidential debate, the discussion was led by four experts in their fields representing different points of view. Attendees included a contingent of Trenton charter school students, MCCC students, members of the League of Women Voters, concerned citizens, and faculty and staff at Mercer. You can read The Times' summation of the conference online.


Entertainment Tech Article
In case you missed it, the Times' article on our Entertainment Technology conference is online.

Coming to Kelsey Theatre
Join prize fighter Joe Pendleton as he attempts to return to the world of the living after being sent prematurely to the Hereafter. The Yardley Players present "Heaven Can Wait," a delightful fantasy comedy, on Fridays and Saturdays, Oct. 29, 30, Nov. 5 and 6 at 8 p.m., and Sundays, Oct. 31 and Nov. 7 at 2 p.m. More

When a young girl is imprisoned in a tower by a bumbling witch, her long, beautiful hair and the efforts of a handsome prince (of course!) help her find a way out at last. "Rapunzel" will be performed by the award-winning Kaleidoscope Theatre at Kelsey Theatre on Saturday, Nov. 6 at 2 and 4 p.m. More

For an overview of the entire Kelsey Theatre season click here.

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