E-Bulletin of January 3, 2006

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Winter 2006 Viking is Here
Mercer's new Viking newsletter celebrates the college's 40th anniversary. When your office receives a supply, please help us spread the good news by putting them out where students and visitors can take a copy. Please discard the old edition. Many thanks from the Public Information staff.

Viking is online here.

Great Food and Fun at MCCC's Holiday Party
Almost 350 staff members enjoyed the college's 2005 Holiday Party on Dec. 21. Dozens of committee members worked hard to make this a beautiful and festive event for all. Special thanks go to chairperson Denise Ingram, to a jolly Santa, sometimes known as Frank Benowitz, a grouchy but good-natured grinch, sometimes known as Ken Hunt, a mighty Viking recruited as Santa's helper, also known as Francis Paixao, and a very cute elf called Amy Foris.

More thanks are due to Barbara Behrens, who donated more than 50 snowmen and santas to helped decorate the hall, to student Nicole Sutton who blew up hundreds of balloons, thus saving many dollars, and to the college's food service staff, who provided an amazing variety of delicious items.
Door prize donors included AMC Theatre (tickets), David Sales Jewelry (gift certificate), and Marie Mendez (huge chocolate horn).

Photos (for an e-mailed copy of any photo, send request to saveria@mccc.edu)

Big Smiles and a Thank-You Letter from Louisiana
The coordinator of our holiday gift drive for Louisiana victims of Hurricane Katrina sent a moving "thank you" letter to everyone who contributed, along with some photos of people distributing and picking up the gifts. Click here

Vera Goodkin Publishes Memoir
Faculty emerita and Holocaust educator Vera Goodkin has published a new book, "In Sunshine and in Shadow, We Remember Them."

Published by Comteq, the book is a family memoir covering five generations of her mother's family. It will be useful for the educational market, Goodkin said. "It is accompanied by a teacher's handbook, but it is also for the general public."

Goodkin said her essential purpose was not only to speak about Holocaust experiences, but also to show that the family was part of a vibrant society. "We were essentially not born to be victims," she said. "We had normal lives."

The book details how the family members lives were horribly mutilated by the Holocaust, and how some lost their lives. It also covers the time after the war and how the family was affected by communism. The book may be ordered at the publisher's website. Click here

Remember Kelsey Theatre and Gallery Events

Jan. 6-15: "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"

Jan. 20-22: "How to Eat Like a Child" and Other Tips

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